‘Max Tech’ on Mac Studio teardown reveals storage upgradability

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‘Max Tech’ on Mac Studio teardown reveals storage upgradability
(Source: Apple)

The first Mac Studios have been already shipping to customers around the world, and as is customary, the first teardowns have begun to appear on the internet, especially on YouTube. The YouTube channel, the name Max Tech,” has disassembled the Mac Studio to show the interior design, the M1 Ultra, and a possible hint at upgradeability.

This teardown reveals how to go inside the Mac Studio first and foremost. Because, the Mac Studio looks to have no screws from the exterior, if you carefully remove the rubber ring from the machine’s base, you’ll find four screws that allow you to remove the entire base.

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When Max Tech removes the Mac Studio’s base and investigates the internals, he finds that the Mac Studio could have upgradeable SSD storage. The Mac Studio, like the Mac Pro, has two SSD connectors on the inside that are easily accessible.

According to Max Tech, Apple‘s website for the Mac Studio states that the storage is “not user accessible” and that customers should “consider configuring to a higher capacity” if they think they might require more storage in the future.

However, because of the “user accessible” terminology, Max Tech believes that Apple may enable certified SSD storage upgrades in the future. A Mac Pro SSD Upgrade Kit is also available from Apple.

The video also explains how to swap the SSD module from one slot to another. This hints that the slots may be upgradeable and modular in the future. Unfortunately, because the Mac Studio’s unified memory is soldered to the chip itself, you won’t be able to upgrade it.

The whole video from Max Tech can be accessed below and is highly interesting to see. In the end, it’s unclear whether Apple designed the Mac Studio with SSD storage upgrades in mind, but it’s an interesting option to discuss.

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