Lyft launches 3 new services for car owners to make maintaining a car as easy as requesting a ride

Nov 17, 2022, 6:01 PM UTC
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Lyft launches 3 new services for car owners to make maintaining a car as easy as requesting a ride
(Image Credit: Lyft, Inc.)

Lyft announced today the expansion of its full-service transportation network with a new suite of features for car owners, a critical step toward serving the roughly 75% of Lyft riders who own a car. Roadside assistance, car maintenance, and the ability to reserve parking are all now available by request directly from the Lyft app.

This is the first opportunity by any company to provide car owners with a single location to request these services, a modern solution to the burden of calling multiple providers. The new Lyft Pink membership, which was relaunched last month with new benefits and a lower price point, will now include these new offerings for members who also own cars, such as complimentary roadside assistance up to four times per year and exclusive savings on car maintenance.

“This first-of-its-kind experience makes getting car maintenance or roadside assistance as easy as tapping a button to request a ride,” said Jody Kelman, Lyft’s Head of Fleet. “People rely on Lyft for their transportation needs, and we want to make sure we meet them at all phases of their lives – for example, that first time someone needs a car after starting a family. We’re working to make owning a car as simple and intuitive as all other parts of Lyft so that we are here for you whenever you need us.”

To use these services, car owners should open the Lyft app, tap the steering wheel in the bottom-right corner, and enter their vehicle information (make, model, year, or license plate number). They can get roadside assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week to book and track a tow truck, get a jump start, have gas delivered, change a tire, get into a locked car, and more.

They will also see the expansion of car maintenance services across the country, connecting them with dependable technicians and giving them the option to schedule appointments at Goodyear Auto service centers. This new feature set also includes the ability to find, reserve, and pay for parking with SpotHero integration. They can reserve hourly parking to arrive on time for a meeting or movie, a spot for concerts or events, or an all-day space in a lot or garage.

A Lyft Pink membership unlocks additional savings by providing member-exclusive benefits on both roadside assistance and car maintenance. A single tow costs around $100 when purchased separately through the Lyft app; with a Lyft Pink membership, up to four roadside services per year are included.

Members will also receive 15% off all car maintenance services available in the Lyft app when they use Lyft Pink. At a time when car ownership is more expensive than ever, these new exclusive benefits for Lyft Pink members make it the clear way for car owners to get more value than ever. The new Lyft Pink membership costs $9.99 per month or $99 per year, and new members can get a one-month free trial of Lyft Pink.

Tap the ‘Steering Wheel’ icon on the Lyft home screen for these services:

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance (via Agero – live across the nation, excluding Nevada): Users can book and track a tow truck, get a jump start, have gas delivered, change a tire, get into a locked car, and more. Up to four events per year are free with a Lyft Pink membership.
  • Stress-free Parking (via SpotHero – live in 30 markets, including Chicago, Denver, New York, and San Francisco with more coming soon): The ability to reserve hourly parking, or an all-day space for events in a lot or garage within the Lyft app via integration with SpotHero, a parking reservation service.
  • Car Maintenance (via Goodyear Auto service centers – soon to be live nationwide): Users can find reliable technicians, and tire products, schedule appointments, get up-front price estimates for most services and pay at Goodyear locations nationwide. Car maintenance services and tires are 15% off with a Lyft Pink membership.

People frequently have to interact with a number of companies to handle their car needs, and U.S. consumers spent more than $194 billion on car maintenance in the previous year alone. A recent survey found that nearly 90% of people put off regular car maintenance, with 61% of Gen Z and 65% of Millennials saying it’s somewhat difficult to find a mechanic they trust.

Lyft also discovered that rather than having their check engine light checked, 71% of Gen Z-ers would rather call their parents to have the problem fixed or simply ignore the problem entirely. Lyft is now offering a suite of features to make owning a car easier.

Agero Roadside Assistance, Goodyear Auto Service Centers, and SpotHero Parking are now available in select markets across the US and will be expanded to more areas in the coming months. More exclusive benefits may be offered with Lyft Pink in the near future, making the already popular membership even more valuable.

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