Green and sustainable: save $15 on the Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 150 AW backpack for travel photographers

Looking for a camera backpack that combines functionality and sustainability? Check out the Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 150 AW - up to 81% Green Line fabrics used.
Jul 2, 2023, 9:50 AM UTC
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Green and sustainable: save $15 on the Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 150 AW backpack for travel photographers
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Attention all travel photography enthusiasts! If you’re in search of the perfect camera and laptop backpack for your adventures, the Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 150 AW is the ultimate solution, and now you can get it at a discounted price of $134.95 (normally $149.95), saving you $15.00. Plus, enjoy free shipping on your purchase!

The Trekker Lite collection has been carefully designed to cater to the needs of travel photographers who want to combine their love for photography with their passion for exploring the world. This collection includes the backpack, 150, a brand-new sling style bag, and a hip pack, ensuring that there’s a perfect option for every type of traveler.

One of the standout features of the Trekker Lite collection is its commitment to environmental sustainability. With up to 81% Green Line fabrics used, Lowepro has made significant strides in reducing negative environmental impacts. By incorporating recycled and solution dyed fabrics, the brand saves water and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with global standards such as the GRI 301-2 measurement, which assesses the percentage of recycled yarn used in relation to the total yarn used by weight.

Additionally, the soft construction of these bags allows for efficient nesting during shipping, reducing the volume by up to 40%. These environmentally conscious efforts exemplify Lowepro’s dedication to minimizing its carbon footprint while delivering exceptional camera bags.

Designed specifically with travel photography in mind, the Trekker Lite bags offer unparalleled functionality and versatility. From their soft structure to the modular inserts, these bags provide various configurations to accommodate your equipment and personal belongings during your journeys.

The backpacks in the Trekker Lite collection feature a removable camera insert with a strap kit, enabling you to effortlessly organize and secure your camera gear. With three large grab handles located on the top, side, and front, these backpacks offer convenient carrying options. The hideaway strap system on the back ensures comfortable transport, and the separated laptop sleeve allows for quick security checks, making them ideal companions for hassle-free travel.

In essence, purchasing the Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 150 AW backpack means you’re investing in three products in one. Not only do you get a versatile camera bag with accessory straps and a camera insert, but you also acquire an everyday travel and laptop backpack. This multipurpose functionality makes the Trekker Lite backpack a must-have for any photographer on the go.

However, backpacks may not suit everyone’s preferences. For those seeking more flexibility, the Trekker Lite collection offers a sling bag option. Alternatively, if you prefer traveling light with just the essentials, the hip pack is an excellent choice. Regardless of the configuration or bag style you choose, the Trekker Lite collection is designed to support you on any trip.

Let’s delve deeper into the environmentally conscious aspects of these bags. As mentioned earlier, up to 81% Green Line fabrics are used in the construction of the Trekker Lite bags. This achievement is made possible by incorporating recycled and solution dyed fabrics, which not only contribute to sustainability efforts but also result in impressive water and greenhouse gas emission savings. The two primary exterior materials of all the Trekker Lite bags consist of a recycled polyester 300d ripstop fabric on the front and a solution dyed polyester 600d fabric on the back. Additionally, the bags’ interiors feature a recycled polyester lining.

Thanks to the soft construction of the bags, they can be nested together when shipped, reducing volume by up to 40%. This innovative approach further emphasizes Lowepro’s commitment to minimizing environmental impacts without compromising the quality and functionality of its camera bags.

Now, let’s explore the features specific to the Trekker Lite BP 150 AW backpack. This backpack boasts one main opening with a 10 zipper and an adaptable interior featuring a 60/40 split. The soft top section is perfect for accommodating your everyday travel essentials, while the lower half provides a secure space for your photography equipment with the integrated camera insert.

The construction of the backpack, combined with its multi-access design, allows you to effortlessly swing it around your side for quick access to your camera. No need to remove the entire insert. The camera insert remains safely connected inside the bag with a strap, ensuring that your gear is always within easy reach.

In addition to the impressive functionality, the Trekker Lite BP 150 AW backpack comes with multi-functional accessory straps. These straps allow you to carry the camera insert alone as a shoulder bag or attach it to your chest for added convenience. You can also carry your camera using the neck or chest strap, offering flexibility and ease of use.

Green and sustainable: save $15 on the Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 150 AW backpack for travel photographers

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