LG unveils groundbreaking 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M with Zero Connect technology

Jan 6, 2023, 11:25 AM UTC
3 mins read
LG unveils groundbreaking 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M with Zero Connect technology
(Image Credit: LG)

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During CES 2023 in Las Vegas, LG made a splash with its latest offering in the world of consumer televisions: the 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M (model M3). This revolutionary TV boasts Zero Connect technology, a wireless solution that delivers real-time video and audio at up to 4K 120Hz. Not only does this OLED TV offer superior picture and sound quality, but it also offers greater flexibility for installation and connection. In fact, the M3 was recognized with CES 2023 Innovation Awards in both the Video Display and Embedded Technologies categories.

One of the standout features of the M3 is its separate Zero Connect box. Unlike traditional TVs, which have input ports on the back or sides, the M3’s Zero Connect box sends video and audio signals wirelessly to LG’s cinematic 97-inch screen. This allows for a cleaner, distraction-free viewing experience and gives users greater freedom to arrange their space as they see fit. (Note: Only a power cable connected to the TV screen is required)

The Zero Connect box comes equipped with multiple ports for connecting commonly used HDMI devices, such as cable/satellite set-top boxes and gaming consoles. It can also connect wirelessly with compatible soundbars for even more prosperous, more powerful audio.

In addition to offering users more freedom in terms of space and installation, the M3 and its Zero Connect box allow for a completely wire-free viewing experience. This means that users can fully enjoy the sleek minimalism of the M3’s One Wall Design without any pesky cables getting in the way. Overall, the LG SIGNATURE OLED M (model M3) is a game-changing addition to the world of consumer TVs, offering both superior quality and convenience.

LG’s Zero Connect technology is truly impressive, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to provide reliable and uninterrupted video and audio transmission to the M3’s self-lit OLED screen. To ensure seamless data transfer, LG developed an algorithm that can instantly identify the optimal transmission path and adapt to changes in the environment, such as people or pets moving around the room.

The Zero Connect box’s antenna can also be easily rotated or tilted to align with the TV’s location for maximum signal strength. In addition to all of this, the Zero Connect box is voice recognition-enabled, allowing users to easily turn on and manage the M3 and connected devices with simple spoken commands.

The M3’s One Wall Design also adds to its appeal, with the TV and its integrated bracket sitting flush against the wall for a sleek, art gallery aesthetic. Unfortunately, LG has not yet announced pricing or availability for the M3. However, with its groundbreaking Zero Connect technology and chic design, it is sure to be a highly sought-after addition to any home.

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