Hulu announces Lauren Tempest as the new General Manager

Aug 2, 2023, 8:51 AM UTC
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Hulu announces Lauren Tempest as the new General Manager
(Image credit: Hulu)

Hulu, the streaming service under Disney’s control, has appointed Lauren Tempest as its new General Manager. This transition marks a crucial shift for the company, with Tempest taking the reins of business responsibility effective immediately. This strategic promotion comes after Joe Earley, formerly Hulu’s president, moved up the ladder to become Direct-to-Consumer President at Disney Entertainment earlier this spring. Tempest, an eight-year Hulu veteran, had been serving as the Senior Vice President of Content Partnerships, Acquisitions, and Scheduling since May 2022, and she will continue reporting directly to Earley.

The decision to place Tempest at the helm of Hulu has garnered praise from the company and the entertainment industry. Earley expressed his confidence in Tempest’s leadership abilities, stating, “As we enter our next, critical, phase of growth for Hulu, I can think of no one better to lead us through the evolution than Lauren. Over the past eight years, she has proven to be an exceptional partner and leader, while continuing to deliver the most in-demand content to our subscribers. The relationships she has built internally and externally have helped propel us forward, which is why I, and teams across Disney Entertainment, are excited for her to officially step into this role.

In her previous role, Tempest oversaw Hulu’s extensive content library, fostering strong partnerships with Disney content divisions, including Disney Television Studios, Hulu Originals, FX, 20th Century Studios, and Searchlight Pictures. Her efforts were instrumental in ensuring the delivery of highly sought-after titles to consumers. Additionally, she collaborated with third-party partners to acquire top subscription VOD titles, such as the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite “Schitt’s Creek.” Moreover, during her tenure, Tempest was part of the team that established a new strategic scheduling framework and forged partnerships with Disney content brands to successfully launch tentpole titles like “The Bear” and “Prey.”

Tempest’s career trajectory has been remarkable. She joined Hulu in 2015, based in Los Angeles, after an illustrious six-year stint with NBCUniversal’s USA Network. With a bachelor’s degree in history from Bates College in Maine, Tempest’s academic background aligns seamlessly with her passion for the dynamic entertainment landscape.

Presently, Disney holds a 67% stake in Hulu, while Comcast retains the remaining 33%. The two entertainment giants are currently in negotiations over the value of Comcast’s share, with a deadline set for January 2024. According to their 2019 agreement, Comcast’s stake in Hulu is valued at a minimum of $9.2 billion, but Comcast is seeking a higher payout from Disney.

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