KORE expands its Everynet cooperation into the United States

Sep 2, 2021, 10:49 PM UTC
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KORE expands its Everynet cooperation into the United States

KORE, an IoT connectivity-as-a-service (CaaS) provider, is expanding its international relationship with Everynet, a Dutch LoRaWan operator, into the United States. This came amid when the demand for capturing and transporting little data packets is increasing, and use cases for huge IoT are expanding.

According to Transforma Insights, by 2025, the United States will have 358 million huge IoT devices and the world would have over two billion. This is one of the trends that are fueling the two organizations’ growing connection.

Water utilities, for example, can efficiently operate, maintain, and monetize a water distribution infrastructure by using the relationship. Water metering is a large IoT use case that necessitates a range of network connectivity requirements, not only the high bandwidth given by cellular connectivity, making LoRaWan an appropriate connectivity solution.

Customers of KORE will be able to use the new LoRaWan network that Everynet is constructing in the United States. As IoT users establish migration plans that exploit lower-complexity connectivity for simpler IoT use cases, this aligns nicely with the impending 2G and 3G sunsets. LoRaWan offers IoT connectivity choices that allow for a smooth transition from 2G to 3G. LoRaWan is also gaining traction because of its network lifespan, vast coverage capabilities, and ability to reduce the overall network total cost of ownership.

“Our relationship with Everynet is battle-tested in Brazil where we started our partnership some three years ago, and we are bringing those learnings into the USA as LoRa begins to mature in this country,” said KORE CEO Romil Bahl. “While most people think of KORE as the global, independent leader in cellular IoT CaaS, the reality is we also integrate satellite bearers and provide services related to unlicensed cellular technologies like LoRa.”

By the end of November 2021, Everynet anticipates its LoRaWan to be active in 36 cities and 100 logistics sites. The company’s systems have already been fully integrated into the KORE platforms for the US market, making it easier for users to manage their large-scale IoT deployments.

The companies have a history of collaborating to alleviate the complexity that most enterprises experience when implementing IoT efforts. They’ve been working together in Brazil since 2018 to implement a variety of products using LoRaWan and the KORE platform for message brokerage and device management, which was built at the KORE Labs innovation hub. For industrial businesses, towns, and manufacturers across Brazil, the companies have installed gas metering, water metering, and asset monitoring systems.

“We’re delighted to bring this compelling offering to the US market with KORE, by building on our successes and learnings abroad,” said Lawrence Latham, CEO of Everynet. “Important advantages organizations will experience with a national LoRaWan are secure ultra-low-cost connections, long battery life, and a simple means to connect billions of devices to the cloud. We are looking forward to working with KORE Wireless to help businesses gain operational efficiencies, enable innovation, and create new business models.”

In Asia, EMEA, and the Americas, Everynet provides carrier-grade networks. Its neutral host network concept enables mobile network operators, MVNOs, and global MSPs to quickly and successfully deliver low-cost IoT with no upfront CapEx.

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