KORE eSIM makes IoT connectivity simple

Dec 2, 2021, 10:30 PM EST
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KORE eSIM makes IoT connectivity simple
Image courtesy: KORE Wireless

KORE, a distributor of IoT connectivity, has launched a worldwide eSIM called “OmniSIM” to make IoT connectivity more accessible and seamless around the world. OmniSIM allows consumers to take advantage of zero-touch provisioning and worldwide connectivity for out-of-the-box coverage, ensuring that IoT services are constantly connected to the best network for their needs.

“Innovation and a pioneering spirit are embedded deeply into our DNA at KORE, and the launch of OmniSIM further positions us as the leading eSIM provider for the internet of things,” said KORE CEO Romil Bahl. “We’re entering what I like to call the decade of IoT and, in order to deliver on the growth that we expect, eSIM technologies will be a key enabling factor to the explosion of IoT globally.”

OmniSIM Reach and OmniSIM Rush are the two products in the OmniSIM product package. This is the first of several planned events, with more slated for early next year.


OmniSIM Reach uses KORE eSIM technology to give worldwide connectivity and roaming access to almost 600 networks in 198 countries. It stands out in the market because it provides reliable coverage across various networks in each country. OmniSIM Reach is based on a centralized multi-IMSI design that combines KORE roaming sponsors to give users the greatest price while retaining the most coverage.

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OmniSIM Rush is an eSIM that is designed to deliver high-bandwidth performance while keeping carrier options flexible and automated. It eliminates the problems that come with worldwide IoT deployments and is appropriate for high-usage plans of up to 100 megabytes per month. OmniSIM Rush is offered on 61 networks in 34 countries in the United States and Europe.

KORE was recently recognized by Kaleido Intelligence as a High Flyer for eSIM connectivity, and for a portfolio of eSIM and multi-IMSI capabilities.


“KORE combines a rich portfolio of carrier eSIM profiles and its own KORE profiles with multi-IMSI switching capability, in addition to a highly configurable orchestration engine to support a very broad range of customer requirements for global IoT operations,” said Jon King, chief commercial officer of Kaleido Intelligence. “The solution allows customers to reduce time-to-market while optimising quality of service and compliance requirements based on customer needs and the regulatory environment.”

Source: KORE Wireless

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