James Cameron’s new ‘Terminator’ script is inspired by actual AI

May 30, 2023, 3:48 AM UTC
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James Cameron's new 'Terminator' script is inspired by actual AI

James Cameron, the known director behind the creation of the “Terminator” franchise in 1984, has exciting news for fans and movie enthusiasts alike. He recently announced that he is currently working on a script for the next installment of the iconic series. This time, however, Cameron is drawing inspiration from real-world advancements in artificial intelligence, such as the groundbreaking development of OpenAI‘s ChatGPT.

During his appearance at the Dell Technologies World 2023 event, Cameron revealed that he is intentionally delaying the completion of the script. He expressed a desire to gain further clarity on the trajectory and impact of AI before wrapping up his draft. With a hint of humor, he jokingly mentioned the hope that Skynet, the fictional self-aware AI system in the franchise, does not launch a nuclear apocalypse before he finishes his work.

Cameron’s decision to seek inspiration from the rise of actual artificial intelligence is a clear departure from the previous installment’s lackluster performance. “Terminator: Dark Fate” failed to resonate with audiences and faltered at the box office in 2019. In an effort to revitalize the franchise, Cameron is embarking on a creative journey that delves into the real-world implications of AI technology. By exploring the narratives surrounding the emergence of AI, Cameron aims to inject new life into the ailing series and captivate audiences with a compelling summer blockbuster.

The franchise’s main antagonist, Skynet, a neural network-based superintelligence system, has frequently been referenced in media discussions about the potential dangers of AI. By flipping the script and drawing inspiration from reality instead of the other way around, Cameron hopes to breathe fresh air into the “Terminator” universe. This approach may offer a unique perspective on AI’s impact, as opposed to the frequently cited scenarios of AI-induced apocalypse.

It is worth noting that the current state of AI in 2023 does not align with the catastrophic scenarios often depicted in the franchise. For instance, an experimental AI system known as ChaosGPT, which was designed with the aim of “destroying humanity,” proved to be an underwhelming failure. These realities challenge the doom-laden assumptions associated with AI and provide a fertile ground for Cameron to explore new narrative possibilities.

Furthermore, researchers have expressed their displeasure with the franchise’s portrayal of AI systems. They find it inaccurate and flawed, indicating a significant gap between the portrayal of AI in movies and its actual capabilities. Cameron will need to delve deep into the subject matter to find inspiration that transcends the mundane interactions between protagonists and AI assistants, seeking a fresh and compelling perspective that captivates audiences.

As for the beloved Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has become synonymous with the “Terminator” series, it seems unlikely that he will reprise his role in an AI-focused installment. In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Schwarzenegger clarified that while the franchise is not finished, he personally feels that his involvement has come to an end. He acknowledged the audience’s desire for a new direction when it comes to “The Terminator,” signaling a departure from the formulaic themes and an opportunity for new talent to take the reins.

With James Cameron at the helm, drawing inspiration from the actual rise of AI, the next “Terminator” installment holds the promise of reinvigorating the franchise. By exploring the potential of AI in a fresh and nuanced manner, Cameron aims to captivate audiences with a thrilling cinematic experience. As fans eagerly await further developments, the intersection between fiction and reality becomes ever more intriguing, inviting us to reflect on the profound impact of AI on our world and our collective imagination.

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