Jackery’s exclusive flash sale offers up to 33% off on portable power stations

Aug 23, 2023, 1:55 PM UTC
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Jackery's exclusive flash sale offers up to 33% off on portable power stations
Featuring Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro. (Image credit: Jackery)

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We’re living in a time where staying juiced up isn’t just about convenience; it’s a lifeline. And guess what? Jackery is stepping up to the plate with an exciting flash sale that’s all about prepping you for whatever life throws your way. This August 2023, mark your calendars for a 72-hour power-packed event that’s set to redefine your readiness game. Get ready to meet the latest backup portable power solution from Jackery’s Explorer line – an absolute game-changer. (Sale is on until August 23, 2023)

You’re never caught off guard by a power outage again. Jackery’s got your back with the Explorer 3000 Pro Power Station bundled with two SolarSaga 200W panels, and guess what? There’s an eye-popping $800 discount waiting for you! This isn’t just a power station; it’s your passport to a world where the grid’s limitations don’t hold you back.

Priced at $3,999, this bundle is your one-way ticket to energy independence. The Explorer 3000 Pro Power Station is like your own personal power sanctuary, equipped with cutting-edge tech to keep your devices humming. But it doesn’t stop there – those SolarSaga 200W panels are your gateway to harnessing solar energy and keeping your power bank topped up. And the best part? You can snag a cool 20% off using code FS800. That’s a serious steal for power and peace of mind.

Ready to take power resilience to the next level? Introducing the 2000 Pro Generator – your ticket to supercharging your power game. This bad boy isn’t just any generator; it’s equipped with rapid solar charging technology that’ll make your jaw drop. And here’s the kicker: When you get the 2000 Pro Generator with the SolarSaga 200W panels, you’re in for a jaw-dropping $1,200 discount!

Hold up, it gets better. This isn’t just about keeping the lights on. The 2000 Pro Generator isn’t shy about keeping your USB type-C gadgets, phones, tablets, and laptops running the show. Yes, even your precious fridge gets to stay cool when the power takes a hit.

Want in on this power-packed deal? You bet you do! Plug-in code FS1200 and watch that jaw-dropping $1,200 discount or a whopping 33% off work its magic.

Even more during Jackey’s August 2023 flash sale:

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