iOS App Development in Healthcare – Features & Cost

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iOS App Development in Healthcare – Features & Cost
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Looking at the present scenario post-pandemic, it is essential that healthcare apps improvement administrations are implemented. We must allow medical clinics, & the entire healthcare sector to be computerized while providing the best possible conveniences for patients. To solve such an issue, you can invest in healthcare mobile app improvement. You will witness some big bucks coming. For your assistance, the following manual will provide information on the costs and elements of Healthcare iPhone app development services.

Healthcare App: Overview

Healthcare apps are software programs that provide healthcare professionals, patients, and other clients with information, assets, and solutions related to healthcare. These apps can be used to inform healthcare professionals and patients about their health, track progress, treatment support & consent management. The healthcare app was designed to ensure that people who receive full-time medical care can live healthy life.

Features of a Healthcare Application

These are the features that need to be incorporated in your Healthcare app via the best iPhone app development services.

Sign Up

They must register with the app, whether they are patients, doctors, admins, or both. The iPhone app development services health app comes with a simple registration procedure. You can register by entering your details, such as name & email. Once they have registered, users can log in to their app using only email & password.

Patient & Doctor Profile

Logging into the App requires you to maintain your profile. This includes basic details like profile picture, name and medical details. You can integrate ratings and reviews into these profiles. It will let others know which doctors they prefer for medical services.

Search Option

It is difficult to find information in a large database. It is possible to search both structured and unstructured information bases via the search option bar.

Book Consultation

Some of the best iPhone app development services healthcare apps like MyChart and Healow show that this feature is essential. Patients can use this feature to make an appointment with their doctor or schedule a video consultation, depending on both of them being available.

Video Conferencing

The video conferencing feature can be helpful for patients who have relocated to another country, or cannot visit their doctors due to any reason. They can make a consultation and have instant communication via video or voice using WebRTC, HLS or MediaStream protocols.

Speech Recognition

While adding speech recognition to your mHealth app development costs will be higher, it is still important to include a transcript from a call in order to prevent doctors from skipping the crucial details. It improves overall medical processes and helps you focus on the most important aspects.


It allows doctors’ online prescriptions to be sent to specific patients. It’s useful because it reduces time and costs, as well as eliminates errors. You can get prescriptions from many sources by taking consultations with different healthcare professionals.

Activity Feed

This includes all of the activities, such as taking pills, doing rehab exercises and maintaining hydration. The app can create reports and recommendations based upon the patient’s activity feed, which is gathered through the inputs or wearables.


Once they are confident about the information, doctors can make easy decisions. Patients will have access to all data via a simple mHealth dashboard. They can also see how fast their recovery is going.

Customized Notifications

There are times when patients forget to take their medications on time. This can directly impact their health. It would be nice if the feature could be used to remind patients about their medications or remind them when they need to see their doctor.

Payment Options

An iPhone app development company will know the importance of this feature. Many apps support credit cards, PayPal or Apple Pay. Developers can also use technologies such as Braintree, Stripe, and others to efficiently handle online payments.

Cost Incurred in Developing a Healthcare App?

According to us, the typical cost for developing an iOS healthcare application can be anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000. If you’re hoping to add advanced highlights such as AI, the cost can be close to $100,000 to $150,000. This is an excellent guess, however. There are many variables to consider such as the type and location of the healthcare iOS app developers in your area, and any elements that may increase or decrease the cost of your mobile application.

MobileCoderz, a reputable iPhone App Development Company, can assist you in developing new Healthcare iOS applications. You can also hire iOS app developers with us if you are interested in our application ideas. Our developers will give you the best healthcare iPhone app development services and revitalize your thoughts.

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