Internxt lifetime plans: Never worry about storage again

Save big with Internxt lifetime plans - 50% Off!
Apr 10, 2023, 7:57 AM EDT
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Save big with Internxt lifetime plans - up to 50% Off!
Illustration/GadgetBond (Credit: Internxt)

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In today’s digital world, security and privacy are paramount concerns for all internet users. Keeping your personal data and important files safe from prying eyes and malicious attacks is critical. With Internxt, you can rest easy knowing your files and data are secure.

And now, for a limited time only, Internxt is offering Lifetime plans with a whopping 50% off. This means you can get their 2TB subscription for just €150, their 5TB subscription for €250, and their massive 10TB subscription for €500. This offer is available until April 24th, 2023.

Internxt Lifetime plans give you access to all their services, including Internxt Drive, Photos, and Send. And, with this lifetime deal, you’ll also get access to any new services they launch in the future – free forever.


Internxt Drive is a cloud storage app that lets you sync, backup, and share files securely. Their military-grade encryption security ensures that only you have control over your files and data. You can access all your files from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any device with an internet connection.

With Internxt Drive, you can easily organize your files, rename them, and filter a list of files to find what you want faster. You can also back up your computer folders, like your documents folder, so you always have the most recent changes of your most important files.

Recently, Internxt Drive added a new feature that lets you keep the last version of that super important project you’re working on, your documents folder, or your university homework, all safe in your Internxt Drive.


Internxt Photos lets you relive, share, and keep your best memories safe all in one place. Your photo library will always be up to date on all your devices. This means that you can access your synced photos even when your device is lost, stolen, or broken.

With Internxt Photos, you can easily share your photos with your friends and family, thanks to their shareable link feature. You can generate a link in seconds and share it with whoever you wish.

Lastly, Internxt Send allows you to share files fast without worrying about the security of your documents, images, or videos, all for free. Select the files you want to encrypt and send by link or email. Send and share files no matter the size. Internxt Send has no file size limits and can send large files in no time.

Files uploaded and sent through Internxt Send use Internxt’s disruptive zero-knowledge architecture to maximize the security and privacy of files. You can maintain rock-solid confidentiality and safely transmit sensitive information with Internxt Send.


All files and photos are end-to-end encrypted, meaning all your information is scrambled and fragmented before even leaving your device. All file formats are supported and can easily be encrypted and shared with Internxt Send, including PDF, JPEG, DOC, PNG, XLS, and many more.

To use Internxt Send, simply drag and drop the files you want to share or send into the browser, or select the “+” icon and manually select the files or photos you wish to send. From there, you can choose from two options to complete your encrypted file transfer – share by link or share by email.

Internxt is a secure and private cloud storage solution that offers a range of services, including Internxt Drive, Photos, and Send. With their Lifetime plans currently available at a 50% discount until April 24th, 2023, now is the perfect time to sign up and take advantage of their robust features and unbeatable security.

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