Inmarsat provides adaptable IoT connectivity

Nov 4, 2021, 6:24 PM EDT
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Inmarsat provides adaptable IoT connectivity

Inmarsat has announced the Elera IoT platform of connectivity services and ecosystems to deliver satellite connectivity tools to enterprises, developers, OEMs, IoT-as-a-service providers, and distributors. It is based on Inmarsat Elera’s connection backbone, which is a network for IoT and secure narrowband connectivity.

Elera IoT’s global, totally mobile, and user-friendly connection services are appropriate for all industries and locations, assisting organizations in fueling their IoT advancement and innovations. Businesses can use Inmarsat’s leasing services to track assets with small form factor IsatData Pro (IDP), monitor and control with BGAN M2M, or establish their own IoT ecosystems or commercial offers. Furthermore, Inmarsat is developing IoT connection services and cooperating with Orbcomm on OGx, an IoT service that combines high bandwidth data packets with low-cost terminals and is set to launch in 2022.


“We’re pleased to expand our long-term, successful partnership with Inmarsat as they launch Elera IoT, which provides the reliability, longevity, and ubiquity to support Orbcomm’s next-generation OGx service,” said Christian Allred, Orbcomm’s EVP of global sales. “We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Inmarsat to deliver best-in-class IoT satellite products and services to our global customers that enable nearly every type of industrial asset to be smart and remotely connected.”

Elera IoT is also providing the connectivity fabric for IoT ecosystem providers like Orbcomm, Hiber, and Skylo, demonstrating Inmarsat’s leasing capabilities. Furthermore, the Inmarsat ASP application and provider program serves as a marketplace for IoT services that operate anywhere. The ASP providers, who are linked to the Elera network, provide services in agriculture, electrical utilities, mining, oil and gas, and transportation and logistics.


“Covid-19 has demonstrated the importance of industrial IoT to the global production and supply chains,” said Mike Carter, president of Inmarsat Enterprise. “Eighty-four percent of businesses that Inmarsat spoke about within our recent research have sped up the deployment of IoT, or plan to, because of Covid. Those that have already done so have fared better during the pandemic. As businesses plot their route in the new normal, the rate of IoT adoption is only set to increase.”

With connectivity that works anywhere, the Elera IoT platform is ready to support the whole IoT delivery ecosystem. It delivers IoT capabilities to businesses that manufacture and distribute items across worldwide supply chains, as well as technology companies and providers who support them.

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