How to use Instagram’s new collaborative collections feature

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How to use Instagram's new collaborative collections feature
(Image Credit: Instagram/Meta)

Instagram yesterday announced a new update to its collections feature that allows users to create libraries of posts shared with their friends. The update lets you save content into “collaborative collections” that you and your friends can view and contribute to.

This new feature builds upon the existing collections feature that Instagram rolled out in 2017. With collections, you could save and organize posts into different categories. However, this update allows friends to add their own posts to the collection, which could be a fun way to brainstorm ideas or share funny posts with friends.

How to use Instagram’s new collaborative collections feature

Using this feature is quite simple. To create a collaborative collection, simply hit the bookmark icon on the post you want to save, create a new collaborative collection, give it a name, and toggle “on” the option that says “Allow friends to join this collection.” From there, you can add up to 250 people to your collection.

Instagram says you can create a collaborative collection from within a chat as well. Anyone within the chat will be able to add or remove images from the shared collection, making it a fun way to collaborate and share ideas.

It’s important to note that if you add a post from a private account to a collaborative collection, only the people following the account will be able to see the post. Additionally, if a creator decides to delete a post that you’ve already added to your collection, Instagram will remove it from the collection. You also can’t make a collaborative collection private once it’s created, nor can you share private collections that you’ve already created with others.