This is how you can get 10GB of free OneDrive space

Nov 19, 2022, 7:53 AM UTC
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How to get 10GB of free OneDrive cloud storage
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Microsoft‘s OneDrive serves as a prominent cloud storage solution, enabling users to seamlessly synchronize and remotely access files through web browsers and mobile devices. This service not only facilitates data synchronization but also permits convenient file accessibility across various platforms. Notably, files can be shared with non-Microsoft account holders, fostering collaboration without barriers.

OneDrive’s Storage Plans

Presently, OneDrive offers a complimentary storage allocation of 5GB, which, for certain users, proves insufficient for safeguarding critical documents and assets. To address this, the “Microsoft 365 Basic” subscription, available at a nominal cost of $1.99 per month or $19.99 annually, offers a substantial upgrade. This plan incorporates 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage along with 50GB of mailbox storage, supplemented by an ad-free Outlook experience.

Furthermore, Microsoft extends premium alternatives for expanding storage capacity, accompanied by enhanced features. The “Microsoft 365 Personal” plan, priced at $6.99 monthly or $69.99 annually, offers 1TB of storage. This subscription encompasses advanced security measures, productivity tools, an expanded vault, and a suite of Microsoft productivity applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Defender, Teams, ClipChamp, Editor, OneDrive, and Outlook.

Another variant, “Microsoft 365 Family,” shares the attributes of the “Personal” plan while introducing an additional application named “Family Safety,” designed to provide comprehensive digital and physical protection. This subscription, starting at $9.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly, encompasses 6TB of collective storage, partitioned for up to six users with 1TB each.

How to get 10GB of free OneDrive cloud storage
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How to get 10GB of free OneDrive cloud storage

However, for individuals seeking economical solutions, there exists a method to augment the initial 5GB of OneDrive storage by an additional 10GB without financial investment. This is facilitated through OneDrive’s referral program, which allows users to invite up to 20 individuals, rewarding each successful referral with 0.5GB of storage. Consequently, by referring to 20 users, a cumulative 10GB of supplementary storage can be obtained. It should be noted that the maximum storage attainable through this referral program is 10GB.

Here’s how:

Step #1: Access your Microsoft OneDrive account via on your desktop, and if you don’t have one, create one HERE (this is my referral link, which means that if someone signs up for a OneDrive account through this link, both of us will receive an additional 0.5GB of free OneDrive cloud storage, so this is a win-win situation here, so go ahead and sign up to OneDrive account if you don’t already have one.)

Step #2: Click on the “Settings” icon, positioned beneath your profile image on the right side of the interface. Then proceed to the “Options” menu.

How to get 10GB of free OneDrive cloud storage
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Step #3: Within the “Manage Storage” section, you will see new options such as Storage Summary, Your Current Plan(s), and Your Additional Storage (same as shown in Step #4’s image).

Step #4: In the same “Manage Storage” section, look for “Earn more” within the “Your Additional Storage” section. Click on it to access the “Invite Friends” feature.

How to get 10GB of free OneDrive cloud storage
(Courtesy of GadgetBond)

Step #5: A pop-up window named “Invite Friends” will appear, presenting your referral link. Copy it, share it, or safely store this link for future use. Each new account created through this link rewards both parties with 0.5GB of OneDrive cloud storage.

How to get 10GB of free OneDrive cloud storage
(Courtesy of GadgetBond)

For those requiring even greater storage, I already told you that you can always go with “Microsoft 365 Personal” and “Microsoft 365 Family” plans. These plans offer advanced tools and applications, security, and abundant cloud storage. While the comprehensive suite of features within “Microsoft 365 Personal” is available for $6.99 per month or $69.99 annually, the enriched “Microsoft 365 Family” plan, inclusive of the “Family Safety” app, offers 6TB shared storage among up to six members (1TB each) for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

This article was originally published on November 19th, 2022, at 7:53 am UTC, and was updated on August 10th, 2023, at 5:22 am UTC.

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