Don’t despair: Here’s how to find your lost Samsung Galaxy phone

Dec 28, 2022, 9:57 AM UTC
2 mins read
Don't Despair: Here's How to Find Your Lost Samsung Galaxy Phone
(Image Credit: Samsung)

Losing a phone can be a stressful and frustrating experience, especially if it’s a newer model or one that you rely on heavily. If you’ve lost your Samsung Galaxy phone, there are a few steps you can take to try to track it down and potentially recover it. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Check your surroundings: Before you do anything else, take a moment to retrace your steps and see if you left your phone somewhere. It’s possible that you left it at a friend’s house, in a store, or in your car.
  2. Use Samsung’s Find My Mobile: If you’re unable to find your phone by searching your surroundings, the next step is to use Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature. This is a built-in tool that allows you to track the location of your phone, as well as perform other actions like locking the device or displaying a message on the lock screen. To use Find My Mobile, you’ll need to log in to your Samsung account and enable the feature on your phone (
  3. Use a third-party tracking app: If you don’t have a Samsung account or if Find My Mobile isn’t working for some reason, you can try using a third-party tracking app. These apps can be installed on your phone and allow you to track its location and perform other actions remotely. Some popular options include Find My Phone (or via Google Find My Device app) and Prey Anti Theft.
  4. Contact your carrier: If you’re unable to locate your phone using the above methods, it’s time to contact your wireless carrier. They may be able to provide additional assistance, such as blocking the phone from being used or providing you with its last known location.
  5. Report the loss to the authorities: If you believe that your phone was stolen, it’s important to report the loss to the authorities. This can help them track down the phone and potentially recover it.

So, if you’ve lost your Samsung Galaxy phone, the first step is to check your surroundings and see if you left it somewhere. If that doesn’t work, you can try using Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature or a third-party tracking app. If those options fail, it’s time to contact your carrier and potentially report the loss to the authorities. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to recover your phone, these steps can increase your chances of finding it.

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