How to delete Threads profile without losing your Instagram account

Jul 6, 2023, 6:35 AM UTC
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How to delete Threads profile without losing your Instagram account
App Store listing for the Threads app.

In the era of social media dominance, staying connected has become an integral part of our lives. With the recent launch of Threads, Meta‘s new Twitter competitor, users can enjoy seamless integration with their existing Instagram accounts. However, this convenience comes with a limitation: the inability to delete your Threads profile without also removing your entire Instagram account.

Threads, Meta’s Twitter competitor, poses a challenge: deleting Threads profile means deleting your Instagram account.

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Threads, a social media app by Meta, leverages the Instagram account system to provide users with a familiar experience. By adopting this approach, Threads enables users to carry over their Instagram usernames effortlessly. Although this integration offers certain advantages, it also intertwines the two applications in such a way that removing a Threads profile necessitates the deletion of the associated Instagram account—a step that many users might be hesitant to take, especially if they have been actively using Instagram for an extended period.

Deleting your Threads account requires more than a simple click
Screenshot of Threads Supplemental Privacy Policy

Acknowledging the concern surrounding the inability to delete Threads profiles independently, Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s head, addressed the issue. According to Mosseri, Meta is actively exploring alternatives to ensure users can delete their Threads accounts without affecting their Instagram presence. While the company’s commitment to resolving this matter is evident, Mosseri did not provide a specific timeline for the implementation of this feature.

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Though users cannot currently delete their Threads profiles, Meta has provided a temporary solution in the form of deactivating these accounts. By following a simple process, users can hide their Threads profiles and content. To deactivate your Threads profile, navigate to the profile tab, access the settings through the two lines icon, select “Account,” and tap “Deactivate profile.” Finally, click on the “Deactivate Threads profile” button. It is important to note that deactivating a Threads profile is a temporary measure. Reactivation occurs when users log back into their accounts, reinstating their profiles, threads, replies, and likes.

While waiting for Meta’s future updates, users can employ other methods to regulate their Threads experience. Instagram’s support page clarifies that individual posts can be deleted, and users can also choose to make their entire account private. These options provide users with some control over their presence on Threads while they wait for further developments from Meta.

How to delete Threads profile without losing your Instagram account
Screenshot of “Temporarily deactivate your Threads profile” Policy

Threads were introduced on both iOS and Android platforms, attracting a staggering 30 million users within a short span. This rapid adoption can be attributed, in part, to the timing of the app’s release, which coincided with the ongoing turbulence surrounding Twitter. However, it is important to note that Threads was rolled out with several missing features, such as direct messages (DMs), a following feed, and even hashtags. In response to user feedback, Mosseri assured users that these fundamental features are on their way, but cautioned that their implementation will require time.

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