Hitachi brings Firedome IoT security platform to Japan

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Hitachi brings Firedome IoT Security platform to Japan
(Source: Firedome)

Firedome, based in New York, has partnered with Hitachi to bring its IoT security technology to Japan.

This partnership came to a close after a year of collaboration, which included a market feasibility assessment done by Hitachi’s information technology services division. The goal of the feasibility research was to estimate market demand for dedicated IoT security among smart device suppliers in Japan.

According to the survey, there is a high market demand for IoT security, with Japanese companies and manufacturers launching projects to improve product reliability and preserve their brand name.

Firedome’s security platform for IoT devices detects and prevents cyber threats and attacks from invading smart devices using a personalized strategy. The IoT device’s lightweight agent has no influence on the user’s experience and provides round-the-clock monitoring to assure the device’s continued security.

Throughout the market feasibility research, Firedome and Hitachi closely worked, showcasing the value of the security platform to Japanese IoT device manufacturers and workshops, as well as providing technical expertise on how to embed the agent, and its management capabilities, and operations. The platform was well-received by the market, and it led to a number of chances from Japanese IoT device makers.

At this week’s Information Security Expo Spring in Tokyo, Hitachi will officially unveil a security service for IoT devices. This partnership is significant for Firedome because it marks the company’s first entry into the Japanese market.

“We’re excited about this partnership with Hitachi,” said Moti Shkolnik, CEO of Firedome. “Hitachi has an enormous business network and is perfectly positioned to deliver the value of Firedome’s IoT security platform throughout Japan. Furthermore, their vantage point of technical excellence and market knowledge provides profound testimony to Firedome’s value and efficacy.”

For Hitachi, this partnership is solidified through the launch of security products for IoT in the Japanese market, to protect connected devices from cyberattacks while enabling user growth through security.

“Our partnership with Firedome followed an extensive process that included global research of the IoT security market and leading a thorough market feasibility study,” said Atsushi Kihira, an executive officer at Hitachi. “Our decision to work with Firedome was due to the superiority of their product and the excellent support they provided throughout these processes. They are experts in both cyber security and IoT. Our partnership with Firedome will allow us to address a major market need in the Japanese market to secure connected devices with unmatched 24/7 security.”

Firedome has a presence in North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.