Prevent costly water damage with Govee’s $30 Wi-Fi water detector

Jul 14, 2023, 1:25 PM UTC
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Prevent costly water damage with Govee's $30 Wi-Fi water detector
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Water damage can wreak havoc on your home, leading to expensive repairs and countless headaches. However, with Govee’s Wi-Fi water sensor alarm, you can now protect your property at an unbeatable price. As part of their Black Friday sale in July, this remarkable device is available for just $30, down from its original price of $55. Equipped with advanced features and reliable functionality, Govee’s water leak detector offers a comprehensive solution to safeguard your home against potential water damage.

  • Govee Wi-Fi Water Sensors Alarm (1x Wi-Fi Gateway + 3x Sensors) — Govee / Amazon ($25 off coupon)

Govee’s Wi-Fi water sensor alarm is designed for hassle-free installation and seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem. With one Wi-Fi gateway and three sensors included in the package, you can conveniently place the sensors in strategic locations prone to water leaks. During the purchase, you have the option to configure the quantity to your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your home.

Once installed, these compact sensors work effortlessly to detect and prevent water damage. Equipped with drip detection on top and metal feet for leak detection underneath, they offer reliable protection against potential leaks. Although there is no option to add a disc or cable, the sensors’ compact design allows for discreet placement, blending seamlessly with your home environment.

The heart of Govee’s Wi-Fi water leak detector lies in its intelligent alert system. By establishing a connection between the gateway, water sensors, and the Govee Home App, you gain complete control over monitoring your home’s water safety, even when you’re away. The absence of additional wires simplifies the setup process, enabling you to effortlessly configure the system.

To enhance user-friendliness, the Govee Home App allows you to assign unique names to each Wi-Fi water sensor based on their location. This feature ensures quick identification of the source of a potential leak, allowing you to take immediate action. In the unfortunate event of a leak, not only will the sensors emit a powerful 100-decibel siren, but you’ll also receive instant push notifications and emails on your phone, keeping you informed no matter where you are.

While the 100-decibel siren ensures that you won’t miss a water leak alarm, Govee recognizes the need for user customization. To prevent ear-splitting noise, the Govee Home App provides the option to easily silence the siren remotely. This feature grants you control and flexibility, ensuring that you receive timely notifications without causing unnecessary disruption.

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