Pixel superfans first in line for Google’s Bard AI assistant

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Pixel superfans first in line for Google's Bard AI assistant
(Image Credit: Google)

Google is set to launch its new AI assistant, Bard, to the world, and Pixel Superfans will be among the first to get access to it. The news was announced via an email sent to members of the Pixel Superfan community, inviting them to collaborate with the generative AI tool.

According to the email obtained by 9to5Google, Bard is an “early experiment” by Google, and the company is keen to get feedback from Superfans before it is made available more widely. The email does not provide any specific details on what Bard can do, but it is expected to be a language model similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which can answer questions in a conversational style.

To become a Pixel Superfan, users have to fill out a survey, professing their love for Pixel devices and providing some personal information to Google. Superfans get access to a range of perks, including limited edition merchandise, private Q&As with Google teams, and meetups with other Superfans.

The news comes as Google continues to expand its AI offerings, with the company looking to compete with other language models like ChatGPT. Bard is currently being tested by trusted testers, with wider availability expected “in the coming weeks.”

While details on Bard’s capabilities remain scarce, the fact that it is being offered to Pixel Superfans suggests that it will be tightly integrated with Google’s suite of products and services. As such, it is likely to be a powerful tool for those looking to get the most out of their Pixel devices.