Google urges East Coast staff to avoid wildfire smoke by working from home

Jun 9, 2023, 6:28 AM UTC
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Google urges East Coast staff to avoid wildfire smoke by working from home
New York’s George Washington Bridge was wreathed in smoke on Wednesday. (Photo by Seth Wenig/AP)

In a proactive response to the escalating air pollution caused by wildfires in eastern Canada, Google has instructed its employees based in offices along the East Coast to work remotely. The move aims to safeguard their well-being and reduce exposure to the hazardous smoke drifting across the region. As images of major cities like New York City engulfed in a smoky haze circulated, highlighting the severity of the air quality crisis, Google’s decision demonstrates its commitment to employee health and safety. With forecasts predicting further deterioration in air quality, this precautionary measure is a timely response.

The dire air quality resulting from the ongoing fires in Canada has drawn global attention. Wednesday’s data revealed that New York City experienced the worst air quality of any major city worldwide. The alarming images of iconic urban landscapes shrouded in smoke serve as a grim reminder of the far-reaching consequences of these wildfires. The detrimental effects of prolonged exposure to wildfire smoke are well-documented, with potential health risks including respiratory problems, eye irritation, and cardiovascular issues. By encouraging employees to work from home, Google is proactively addressing these concerns and prioritizing their well-being.

According to an internal note seen by CNBC, Google informed its employees about the air quality concerns and recommended remote work arrangements. The advisory was reportedly sent to staff in multiple locations, including the Detroit area, Washington, D.C., Reston, Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Additionally, employees in the Canadian cities of Toronto and Waterloo were also asked to work from home. Google’s swift response showcases its dedication to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for its employees across diverse regions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already prompted Google to adopt a flexible approach to work arrangements, allowing many employees to work remotely for up to two days a week. This prior adaptation has equipped the company to swiftly respond to unforeseen circumstances, such as the current wildfire smoke crisis. By leveraging its existing remote work infrastructure, Google can seamlessly transition employees to home-based operations, ensuring minimal disruptions to productivity. This proactive preparedness is a testament to Google’s commitment to employee welfare and organizational resilience.

While the air quality in New York City is anticipated to improve slightly overnight, forecasts suggest that conditions may worsen again on Thursday afternoon and evening. The fluctuating nature of the situation underscores the necessity of Google’s proactive measures to protect employee health. By advising employees to limit their exposure to outdoor air, Google acknowledges the unpredictable trajectory of the crisis and aims to minimize potential risks. Continual monitoring of air quality indexes and regular updates will be crucial in determining when employees can safely return to their offices.

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