Google Share Travel Guidelines When You’re Travel During Covid-19

Apr 28, 2021, 11:00 PM UTC
3 mins read
Google Share Some Travel Guidance When You’re Travel
(Image Credit: Google)

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we all know how hard it is to travel restrictions by country or don’t know where to travel for the current situation, but Google has shared some tools which keep you updated with the latest travel guidance. Here are some travel guidance shared by Google.

When you look for travel information like flights, hotels, or things to do, Search will let you know if there are COVID-19 related travel advisories or restrictions for your destination. Now, we’re adding more travel restriction details, like whether you’ll need to quarantine upon arrival or provide proof of test results or immunization records.

With that now people can also track travel by advisories or restrictions for their destination and get email updates, if people are signed into their Google account then they can toggle “Receive an email if this guidance changes” so people will be notified when restrictions are added, lifted or reduced. These updates will be limited to specific countries or specific states in the US.

Google also shares destination ideas when people are ready to travel, many people are familiar with Explore map, Now Google has made some changes to Explore the map. Explore now has its own tab and people can access it from here and it has been redesigned now people will see more destinations on the map including smaller cities and national parks even people can filter destinations for interests like outdoors, beaches, or skiing.

Also, people are able to select flights only in “Travel Mode” if they want to only see the cities with an airport. When they pick a destination then it will be showing them if there is a travel advisory or restrictions and best flights, with that you will also see other information for planning their trip like hotels, things to do, or the best time to visit and more information.

Also, If you’re planning a road trip, Google Maps will now assist you in determining where you should rest along the way. When using Google Maps on a desktop device, enter your starting point and final destination, and then select from a variety of different types of places to stop, such as hotels, parks, campgrounds, and rest stops, at the top of the list. Make a note of a certain location and make it a stop.

You can send the directions to your phone via text, email, or the Google Maps app once you’ve scheduled your trip so you can navigate right from your phone when you’re ready to go. You can easily update your journey from your phone if your plans change while you’re on the road. While navigating, swipe up to discover new stops along the way or to remove previously scheduled stops.

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