Google responds to Apple One with its rumored “Pixel Pass” subscription bundle

Oct 13, 2021, 1:06 PM EDT
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Google responds to Apple One with its rumored "Pixel Pass" subscription bundle

Google is planning to launch its rumored subscription bundle where rumors called it “Pixel Pass” which may combine Google Pixel device with an extended warranty and a bunch of Google services which is still unconfirmed what Google will offer in this subscription bundle.

However, on the Twitter account, a man named “Brandon Lee” shared a leaked image of the Pixel Pass subscription; the image clearly includes premium services like YouTube Premium, Google One, Play Pass, extended warranty, and is linked to Google Fi.


The image also shows that customers must purchase a Pixel Pass from Google Fi or Google Store in the second step, while the third step indicates that customers must select a Pixel Pass plan from Google Fi or Google Store and must purchase a Pixel device.

Well, the Google Event is coming up on October 19th, and it’s possible that Google will announce Pixel Pass at the event.

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