Google Meet Rolls Out 360-Degree Virtual Backgrounds for Mobile Video Calls

Feb 19, 2023, 10:54 AM UTC
2 mins read
Google Meet Rolls Out 360-Degree Virtual Backgrounds for Mobile Video Calls

As remote work and virtual meetings continue to become a regular part of our daily lives, the demand for innovative and creative tools to enhance the video conferencing experience is growing. In response to this need, Google Meet has announced the rollout of new 360-degree virtual backgrounds for mobile users on both iOS and Android platforms.

This new feature leverages the power of the device’s gyroscope, which enables the background to move along with the device’s positioning. The result is an immersive and dynamic experience that makes video conferencing more engaging and interactive. Users can choose from a variety of 360-degree backgrounds, including a serene beach and a stunning temple.

While the new backgrounds are sure to impress, they may also present some challenges for users who move their devices frequently during a call. However, they are likely to be less disruptive than Meet’s quirky collection of Snapchat-style filters, which includes a feline transformation and a face-swapping feature.

In addition to the new 360-degree backgrounds, Google Meet recently introduced a range of emoji reactions, including hearts, thumbs up, party poppers, claps, tears of joy, thinking faces, and thumbs down. These reactions are a welcome addition to the platform, but Google still has some catching up to do to match Zoom‘s comprehensive library of reactions.

It’s worth noting that Google is in the process of transitioning users to the new Meet app, which consolidates the features of Duo. The company has issued final warnings to users and is gradually transitioning them to the new platform.

These new 360-degree virtual backgrounds for mobile users are a great addition to the Google Meet platform, bringing more depth and immersion to video calls. With the ongoing development of new features and tools, it’s clear that Google Meet is committed to providing an exceptional video conferencing experience for users worldwide.

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