Google introduced automated summarization for Google Docs

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Google introduced automated summarization for Google Docs

Google introduced a new feature to Google Docs called “automated summarization” which is only available to Google Workspace members (joined to Google Workspace today or try it free for the first 14 days). Google uses its machine learning tech model for text summarization, then Google Docs will automatically parse the words and pull out the main points.

Google introduced automated summarization for Google Docs — GadgetBond
Source: Google

According to Google, summarization requires an understanding of long passages, information compression and language generation, which use to be outside of the capabilities of even the best machine learning models.

Google is planning to roll out summarization for other products in Workspace. It will come to Google Chat in the next few months, providing a helpful digest of chat conversations, so you can jump right into a group chat or look back at the key highlights.

Google also working to bring transcription and summarization to Google Meet as well so you can catch up on some important meetings you missed.

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