Google Fiber’s new 5Gbps internet plan now available

Feb 15, 2023, 2:39 PM UTC
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Google Fiber's new 5Gbps internet plan now available
(Image Credit: Google Fiber Inc.)

Google Fiber has announced the launch of its 5Gbps internet plan (dubbed as “5 Gig”), which was initially tested in October. The service is now available in Kansas City, West Des Moines, and Google Fiber’s Utah cities and the $125-per-month plan will be available to more areas later this year. The service includes symmetrical upload and download rates, an upgraded 10 Gig Fiber Jack, professional installation, a WiFi 6 router, and up to two mesh network extenders.

While 5Gbps speeds might be excessive for most households, this service could prove invaluable for individuals who require minimal latency or frequently transfer large files, such as gamers or creative professionals. For example, a 150GB Microsoft Flight Simulator download that takes 11 minutes at 2Gbps would take only about three minutes at 6Gbps, under ideal conditions.

The upgraded speeds demonstrate Google’s renewed focus on Fiber, as well as the company’s first network expansion in years. The announcement also reestablishes Fiber as an industry disruptor, pushing competitors to improve their speeds and potentially lower prices on existing plans. Comcast already provides 6Gbps service in some areas, but at a significantly higher cost of $300 and without symmetrical uploads.

Google has also confirmed that Fiber’s 8Gbps option, which was announced last year, is still in the works and will include symmetrical uploads and downloads.

Google Fiber’s 5Gbps service represents a significant step forward in internet speeds and connectivity, which could have wide-ranging impacts on various industries. It will be fascinating to observe how this move from Google might encourage other providers to follow suit and offer comparable speeds at similar prices. Ultimately, consumers are the ones who stand to benefit from this latest development, as faster and more reliable internet services become more widely available.

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