Google Drive gets a new look and optimizations for Android tablets

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Google Drive gets a new look and optimizations for Android tablets
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Google Drive is getting a new look and added functionality for Android tablets. This is great news for users who have been struggling with an underwhelming experience on their tablets due to the lack of optimization for larger display devices.

The latest update to Google Drive brings much-needed optimizations to the visuals and interface, resulting in an overall better user experience. While Google Drive has received several updates in the past, this latest update is particularly exciting because it addresses a major pain point for Android tablet users.

According to a recent post on the Google Workspace blog, the new optimizations for Google Drive will be rolling out to organizations on the Rapid Release track first. For those on the Scheduled Release track, the update is planned for rollout on April 3. The update includes new optimizations for tablets, such as a navigation bar that has been moved to the side, making it easier to scroll through the app, particularly folders and files. Additionally, the company stated that “visual components” have been optimized for larger screens, including file details for a selected file.

While these updates may seem small, they are quite functional, and optimizing even small things can make the app much better and easier to use. The improved navigation bar and visual components will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the user experience, especially for those who use their tablets for productivity purposes.

It’s important to note that the visual update is only available for Google Workspace accounts. However, users can still try out the updated app and experience the new optimizations for themselves.

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