Google Domains is Now Free From Beta Phase

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Google Domains is Now Free From Beta Phase
(Source: Google)

Google‘s website domain registration service Google Domains has transitioned to a full-fledged product after more than seven years in development. Since its public launch in 2015, Google Domains has only been available in the United States, allowing customers to find, buy, and manage domains. According to Google, it’s now “generally available” in 26 countries, now that it’s out of beta. Google Domains, which began as an invite-only beta in 2014, has spent more time in beta than Gmail.

“Today, we’re moving Google Domains out of beta and into general availability in 26 countries. With millions of active registrations, we know how valuable domain names are to customers, and we take seriously the responsibility to provide a service that’s often at the very heart of a business, brand or passion.”

Until April 15th, 2022, anyone looking to buy a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name to Google Domains will receive a 20% discount using promo code: DOMAINS20 at checkout. This offer is valid for both new and existing customers. You can check out this offer from here: domains.google

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