Google Chrome to replace most visited sites grid with new carousel view on Android

Jun 6, 2022, 6:20 PM EDT
1 min read
Google Chrome to replace most visited sites grid with carousel on Android

According to the latest info spotted by 9to5Google suggest that Google Chrome could be turning the grid of most visited sites into a carousel (horizontal) view that allows Android users to scroll through most visited sites horizontally from left to right (if you visited lots of websites).

Google is testing with a carousel design that can hold up to 12 pages, although you only see 4–5 at a time, rather than 8. As a result, you must scroll and tap instead of only being able to do the latter. As a result, this section is no longer as tall, which helps the Discover and Following/RSS feeds just somewhat.


Aside from the carousel for recently visited sites, another carousel for “Continue browsing” would have replaced the Tab Grid and displayed your open tabs. That design was never widely used, but it was notable for breaking Chrome’s navigation paradigm and putting the NTP much above the tab switcher.

Google has downplayed the style in recent months, but the carousel is definitely popping up. It’s not a major change, but it adds unnecessary horizontal scrolling. This carousel on the New Tab Page is not yet available to all users, although it started showing up on more of my devices over the weekend.

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