Google added 24 more languages to Google Translate

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Google added 24 more languages to Google Translate
Source: Google

Google Translate plays the most important role in our daily life as well as for newcomers and residents who try to communicate with one another. Being said that, Google announced another 24 languages support in Google Translate using Google’s Machine Learning (ML) technology, announced at Google I/O 2022 keynote.

Google added 24 more languages to Google Translate — GadgetBond

The real-time translation shows how knowledge and computation may be combined to improve people’s lives. Every day, more people use Google Translate, but Google believes that more work is needed to make it more broadly accessible since there is a long tail of languages that are underrepresented on the web, and translating them is a difficult technical problem, according to Google.

This is because most translation models are trained on bilingual text, such as the similar phrase in both English and Spanish. However, not every language has enough publicly available bilingual text.

As a result of progress in machine learning, Google has created a monolingual solution in which the model learns to translate a new language without ever seeing a direct translation. Google discovered that these translations were of sufficient quality to be useful after partnering with native speakers and institutions, and it will continue to improve them.