Google acquires edge computing company “MobiledgeX”

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Google acquires edge computing company “MobiledgeX”
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Google acquired MobiledgeX, an edge computing company set up by Deutsche Telekom in 2018. The company will become part of Google Cloud, which plans to make the company’s code open source.

Jason Hoffman, the founder of MobiledgeX, is said to have departed the company, although Leah Maher, the COO, is currently working for Google. The MobiledgeX website is no longer available.

MobiledgeX, located in California, released version 3.1 of its edge-cloud platform in February, enabling collaboration between any standards-based mobile edge computing platform. In mobile network environments, this provided edge application developers with a write once, deploy everywhere experience.

To date, MobiledgeX has collaborated with over 200 software developers to offer use cases across consumer and enterprise applications in many different industries, including media and entertainment, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, and retail.


“We’ve deployed edge clouds all over the world,” said Michael Lochead, senior vice president of MobiledgeX. “But, not every site interconnects with every edge cloud ever deployed by any operator.”

MobiledgeX’s GSMA-based edge cloud federation introduced an east-west interface for automated migration of edge application backend workloads between multiple operators’ edge clouds. This ensures that mobile users of edge native applications have a consistent experience across several edge networks.

MobiledgeX collaborates with international mobile operators to provide complete control over multi-cloud edge deployments. San Jose, California is the company’s headquarters.

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