[Giveaway] GadgetBond Turns 1 Year Old

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[Giveaway] GadgetBond Turns 1 Year Old

Today GadgetBond turns 1 year old. GadgetBond.com is owned & founded by Shubham Sawarkar (also known as Shubham2d on the Internet) the guy behind WPRiddle.com & iVLOGYT.com. Before we talk about GadgetBond’s giveaway, first we want you to know a little bit about GadgetBond’s owner and founder.

Hi GadgetBond readers, it’s Shubham Sawarkar (or Shubham2d for the Internet, mainly on social networks). I started GadgetBond.com in March 2021, and I am also the founder and owner of WPRiddle.com which was launched in February 2021, and iVLOGYT.com was launched in December 2019. However, iVLOGYT.com is my first website but it is still in the improvement phase due to my absence because since I started GadgetBond, I was continuously focused on managing and working on GadgetBond.com things like improvements and writing stuff (main), but that doesn’t mean that I stopped working on iVLOGYT.com. And at WPRiddle.com, I write helpful topics there and help others by building a free blog for them at no extra cost.

At GadgetBond, I love to discover and research new things around the world in my spare time in the tech industry as well as in other categories that I have placed on GadgetBond. There are lots of things going around the world that I really want to cover at GadgetBond, but sadly I can’t, because I’m a solo writer here, however, I still want to get it done on time but it isn’t possible to do it all by myself (honestly asked yourself). If you have trending topics or tech news, based on daily trends, then we’re welcoming you here, let us know your knowledge here and we will put your knowledge on GadgetBond. Wanna know more about this site, read GadgetBonds’s about page to know more.

Now it’s time to talk about GadgetBond’s 1st Birthday giveaway

To celebrate the 1st birthday of GadgetBond, we’re offering a Norton Antivirus Plus for a 1-year subscription to 5 lucky winners from worldwide (excluding Russia, Pakistan & China). To pick 5 lucky winners, we’re using Gleam’s Random winner tool which helps us to get our 5 lucky winners, because it’s a tough choice to pick winners from thousands of individual entries.

This Giveaway is organized by GadgetBond.com (not sponsored by Norton or anyone else). We purchase 5 licenses of Norton’s Antivirus Plus for our humble readers and we will distribute these licenses to the 5 lucky winners within 10 days after the giveaway ends via their provided email.

How to enter:

For your chance to win Norton Antivirus Plus for 1 year, enter your name and email below (one submission per email address) and make sure to join GadgetBond’s newsletter. Be sure to share this giveaway on your Facebook or Twitter timeline & follow GadgetBond on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages for the latest updates and if you like the founder & owner who works at GadgetBonds.com, then keep him motivated by simply following him on his social network which you can find it in his author profile down below.

The giveaway entries will begin on March 29th, 2022 at 12:00 AM IST and will close on May 7th, 2022 at 11:59 PM IST. So, BEST OF LUCK TO ALL.

This giveaway is open worldwide (excluding Russia, Pakistan & China). If you are viewing this on mobile and don’t see the option to enter, click here.

*No purchase is required to enter this giveaway

GadgetBond 1st Birthday Giveaway