Far Cry 6 is available for pre-order and launching on October 7

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Far Cry 6 is available for pre-order and launching on October 7

The new Far Cry 6 from Ubisoft is now available to pre-order at the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox series X and Series S with Smart Deliver support and will be launching on October 7, 2021, as well as on the PS4, PS5, Stadia, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Store.

Set on the tropical Caribbean island of Yara, Far Cry 6 will see players join the revolution to liberate the Yaran people from the oppressive rule of dictator Antón Castillo and his young son Diego — played by Giancarlo Esposito (“The Mandalorian,” “Breaking Bad”) and Anthony Gonzalez (“Coco”) respectively.


“As a local Yaran, Dani Rojas (playable as either a woman or man), players will utilize guerrilla tactics to dismantle Antón’s regime. Fortunately, you won’t have to fight alone, as you’ll be joined by charismatic rebels including Clara Garcia, the leader of the revolutionary group Libertad, and Juan Cortez, an ex-KGB spy and guerilla master. You’ll also be able to team up with all-new animal companions like Chorizo, the wiener dog, or Guapo, the ferocious crocodile.”

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