Fallout 76: Locked and Loaded Update Features C.A.M.P. Slots, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, and More

May 2, 2021, 4:39 PM EDT
12 mins read
Fallout 76: Locked and Loaded Update Features C.A.M.P. Slots, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, and More
Source: Bethesda

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The new update “Locked and Loaded Update” for Fallout 76 from Bethesda Game Studios brings some extra features to the game including the C.A.M.P. slot and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. loadouts to a whole new Season of content to uncover! Get Fallout 76 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S (free for Xbox Game Pass members), or you can get Fallout 76 for Windows PC (free for Xbox Game Pass members).

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Check out the full update below.


  • Claim New Loot in Season 4: Fallout 76 Season 4 starts now, with an all-new Scoreboard, 100 Ranks to achieve, and tons of rewards for you to earn!
  • Reboot Your S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: After Level 25, use Punch Card Machines to reset your S.P.E.C.I.A.L., change your Perks, and save them into one of two custom loadouts.
  • Build a Second Home: The new C.A.M.P. Slots feature allows you to construct and maintain a second C.A.M.P., in addition to your current home.
  • Vending and Display Updates: Alongside C.A.M.P. Slots, we’ve streamlined Player Vending Machines and Display Cases, which you can now use inside your Shelters.
  • Double the Daily Ops: Dive into the new Decryption game mode and claim new rewards as you conquer new randomized enemies, mutations, and locations.
  • User Interface Improvements: Added an Aim Assist option to the settings, a batch crafting slider to Workbenches, and a big update for the World Activity Menu.


Season 4 introduces an all-new Scoreboard with the arrival of today’s Locked & Loaded Update. Join Armor Ace and the Power Patrol as they seek to put an end to their frigid rivalry with Commissioner Chaos and his band of rogue robots, the Yukon Five.

Fallout 76: Locked and Loaded Update Features C.A.M.P. Slots, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, and More
  • Rank Up!: The new Scoreboard features 100 ranks to achieve as you rank up and the Power Patrol squares off against the Yukon Five, one-by-one.
  • New Rewards: ALso added a host of new rewards that you will unlock as you rank up, including Power Armor paints, Weapon Skins, Outfits, themed cosmetics, C.A.M.P. items, in-game currencies, consumables, Perk Card Packs, and more.
    • Added the prior Season rewards, the Antique Speed Bag and Perfect Bubblegum, to Mortimer in The Crater and Samuel in Foundation, and you can now purchase them with Gold Bullion.
    • Additionally, added several bonus rewards that Fallout 1st members can claim at certain rank milestones in addition to the normal rewards those ranks offer.
  • Mannequins: This Season introduces Mannequins, which are Display Cases you can use to show off some of your favorite outfits, headwear, under armor, and backpacks that you’ve collected.
    • You can claim a set of Male and Female Mannequins for your C.A.M.P. by reaching Rank 25 on the Season 4 Scoreboard.
    • Up to 5 Mannequins can be built in each of your C.A.M.P.s and Shelters at once.


S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts offer even more adaptability to your characters in the face of the Wasteland’s ever-growing threats by allowing you to modify or completely reboot your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes for free.

Fallout 76: Locked and Loaded Update Features C.A.M.P. Slots, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, and More
  • Visit a “Punch Card Machine” at any time to adjust your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. to your heart’s content, change your Perk Card selections, and save your new custom setup into a slot.
    • Your characters will gain access to S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts starting at level 25.
    • Currently, each character can have up to two S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadout slots, and you can swap between them using a Punch Card Machine.
    • In addition, you can rename your Loadout slots, which will help you quickly tell them apart.
  • At level 25, you’ll learn the plan to build a Punch Card Machine in your C.A.M.P. so that you can change up your Loadouts whenever you head home.
    • While in your C.A.M.P, open up the Build menu, navigate to the Crafting tab, select the Punch Card Machine, and place it down.
    • Bethesda team placed Punch Card Machines at Train Stations throughout Appalachia, in The Crater, and at Foundation.
    • You can use any Punch Card Machines you find in other players’ C.A.M.P.s, as well.
  • Bethesda team removed the “Move-a-Point” option on the level-up screen since S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts allow you to change your stats much more easily.


Have you ever found the perfect spot to start building a new Appalachian home, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to tear down your current C.A.M.P.? That difficult decision is a thing of the past with C.A.M.P. Slots, which allow you to build and maintain two C.A.M.P.s at once!

Fallout 76: Locked and Loaded Update Features C.A.M.P. Slots, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, and More
  • Each C.A.M.P. you construct is now saved as a C.A.M.P. Slot, which you can access and manage through the new “C.A.M.P. Slots” menu in the upper-left corner of the Map.
    • Currently, each of your characters will have access to two C.A.M.P. Slots: The C.A.M.P. you already have in-game, plus an additional Slot.
    • You can use the C.A.M.P. Slots menu to see all your current C.A.M.P. Slots, rename them, choose their Map icons, and decide whether your C.A.M.P. is visible to other players on the Map.
    • C.A.M.P. names are only visible to the player who built them.
  • You can have one active C.A.M.P. at a time, and all others will be considered “stored.”
    • Your active C.A.M.P.’s Map icon will appear gold to you.
    • If you enable your active C.A.M.P.’s Public Map Icon, it will appear on the map in white to other players. When the Public Map Icon is disabled, only you will be able to see it.
    • Only you will be able to see the icons for your stored C.A.M.P.s.
    • Additionally, powering a Vending Machine no longer automatically adds a Vendor icon to your C.A.M.P.’s location on the Map. Instead, you must set this yourself by using the C.A.M.P. Slots menu.
    • To change which C.A.M.P. you would like to use, head to the Map to click one of your C.A.M.P.s, or select it in the C.A.M.P. Slots menu, and then choose “Activate CAMP”
    • Your stored C.A.M.P.s will not load into the world, show icons to other players on the Map, or produce resources from Resource Generators.


  • With the introduction of C.A.M.P. Slots, we have also made changes to the way Vending Machines and Display Cases work.
    • Your Vending Machines will have the same shared inventory across all your C.A.M.P.s so that you will not need to reassign the items you would like to sell every time you build a new C.A.M.P.
    • Bethesda team has also merged all Vending Machine item slots into a single pool, which means you will now be able to sell the maximum number of items with just one Vending Machine.
    • Other types of CAMP items, like Refrigerators and Fermenters, now also share their inventories across your different C.A.M.P.s.
    • Your Display Cases, however, are not shared across C.A.M.P.s, which will give you the ability to show off different items at each of your homes.
  • While the Bethesda team currently was working to implement C.A.M.P. Slots, we also added the ability to build and use Display Cases and Vending Machines inside of your Shelters.
    • Vending Machines in Shelters will share the same slots and item assignments as those you have built in your C.A.M.P.s.
    • Display Cases you build inside Shelters will allow you to assign different items from any Displays you may have in your C.A.M.P.
  • Also, the Bethesda team made an adjustment so that items you place into your Display Cases will no longer consume any of your C.A.M.P. build budgets.


This update nearly doubles the amount of available Daily Ops content, with the addition of the new “Decryption” mode, as well as new locations, enemies, mutations, and rewards.

Fallout 76: Locked and Loaded Update Features C.A.M.P. Slots, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, and More
  • New Mode: Decryption
    • In Decryption Mode, you’re on a mission to disable three Radio Interceptors for Vernon Dodge.
    • To do this, you’ll need to hunt for three enemies “Code Carriers,” and then take them down to get a special code you can use to disable a Radio Interceptor.
    • Enemy waves you face will become more difficult after each Interceptor you disable until you’ve killed the Daily Op boss and pulled the plug on the final Interceptor.
  • New Mutations
    • Enemies in Decryption have a new default Mutation, called Savage Strike, which makes their attacks more deadly and causes them to ignore your armor resistances.
    • Bethesda team also added several new Mutations to the randomized pool that can apply to enemies in any Daily Ops mode:
    • Group Regeneration: Enemies heal when grouped together.
    • Swift-Footed: Enemies have extra fast movement and melee attacks speeds.
    • Toxic Blood: On death, enemies leave behind a poisonous hazard pool.
  • New Enemy Types
    • Team Bethesda added Scorched, Mothman Cultists, and Mole Miners to the pool of randomized enemy types you may encounter in any Daily Ops mode.
  • New Locations
    • Fight your way through Vault 96, Watoga Raider Arena, and West Tek Research Center, all of which have been added to the randomized pool of locations for Daily Ops.
  • Rewards Updates
    • In this update for Daily Ops, we’re adding a host of new rewards, including the new Covert Scout Armor, which has some built-in stealthy utility.
    • Team Bethesda also adding plans for the “Unstoppable Monster” and “Medical Malpractice” legendary weapons, and a variety of new plans for objects you can build in your C.A.M.P.
    • Bethesda’s team also rebalanced Daily Ops rewards lists to give players a better chance at getting rare rewards.

Fallout 76 with Locked and Loaded update is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, as well as on Windows PC.


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