Facebook Open Arts added new 360 backgrounds from Joshua Vides

May 21, 2021, 10:53 PM EDT
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Facebook Open Arts added new 360 backgrounds from Joshua Vides
Courtesy of Messenger/Facebook

Facebook Open Arts rollout two new black and white 360 backgrounds for Messenger created by Joshua Vides, the first one is inspired by his soon-to-open LA-based coffee shop, Matte Black Coffee. The other 360 background, The Room, showcases an intriguing space with Joshua’s art pieces.

To access Joshua’s background, simply start a video call or create a Room from Messenger or Facebook. Tap the effects icon on your view then select “backgrounds” to access Joshua Vides’ background.


Black and white have always been important for Joshua. “Everything starts with a sketch,” says Joshua. “I wanted to take everything back to its origin, utilize the medium of black and white, and create this style that incorporates all these influences in my life.”

By bringing important pillars of his life’s work to Messenger’s platform in the form of Matte Black Coffee and The Room, Joshua is providing an opportunity for millions to immerse themselves in his unique and distinct style. “I want as many people as possible to enjoy and experience my work,” says Joshua.

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