Facebook is killing its Facebook Gaming app next month
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Facebook is killing its Facebook Gaming app next month

Sep 4, 2022, 12:07 PM EDT
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Users of Meta‘s separate Facebook Gaming app have been receiving notifications that it would shortly be discontinued. Both the iOS and Android versions of the application will stop functioning on October 28th, according to the company. Additionally, Meta offers users the option to export their search history and serves as a friendly reminder that Facebook Gaming is still available.

The app was created by Meta, which at the time was still known as Facebook, to highlight content from streamers and offer users a group chat and other community features. Although it didn’t explain its reasoning, it’s possible that it did so as part of its cost-cutting measures to help the company survive what Mark Zuckerberg calls “one of the worst downturns has seen in recent history.”


When it comes to the number of hours seen on a game streaming platform over the past year, Facebook Gaming is behind second Twitch, according to streaming tool vendors like StreamElements. However, researchers looked at data from CrowdTangle, Meta’s analytics service, and discovered that the website is plagued with spam and illegal content disguised itself as gaming livestreams.

Back then, a source said that Meta was “working to improve tools to identify violating content” so that users can have “the best experience.”

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