Everynet has begun the distribution of LoRaWan in six locations in the United States

Nov 4, 2021, 2:37 PM EDT
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Everynet has begun the distribution of LoRaWan in six locations in the United States

Everynet, a Dutch network operator, is expanding into the United States with the deployment of a nationwide LoRaWan network in Phoenix, Austin, Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, and Portland. These cities are part of the first wave of Everynet’s US network rollout, which encompasses the top 36 urban regions as well as critical logistics routes across the country. As the United States invests in critical infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and lighting, cities now have the potential to connect diverse IoT sensors to the cloud wirelessly and affordably without having to develop communications infrastructure.

Cities can monitor and adjust lighting, streamline waste management services, manage to flood, and monitor air quality. Applications can monitor essential infrastructures such as roadways, pipelines, and material transportation. Furthermore, the network may be used to monitor freight rail, shipping ports, and subways in order to streamline operations and collect data for predictive maintenance.


Water systems, substations, smart grid reclosers, transformers, LPG gas, and residential and commercial metering may all be remotely monitored, maintained, and collected data on. It enables the tracking and monitoring of important assets including pallets, containers, and commodities. Enterprises can obtain real-time data on the movement, condition, and arrival of assets across the whole supply chain by managing geolocation, cold-chain monitoring, humidity, and shock.

“LoRaWan connected infrastructure, assets, and services help deliver a more digitized, decentralized, and decarbonized society that leverages the internet of things as a platform for better efficiency and sustainability about most work, play, and living requirements,” said Andres Carvallo, CEO of CMG Consulting. “Everynet’s offering is a timely game changer for asset owners.”


Everynet’s neutral-host business model enables mobile network operators, mobile virtual network operators, application service providers, managed service providers, and internet service providers to provide their customers with carrier-grade low-power wide-area IoT services.

To ensure radio performance and network reliability, Everynet is implementing Tektelic’s carrier-grade 64-channel LoRaWan mega gateways for the US national LoRaWan network. Furthermore, the LoRaWan open standards-based ecosystem offers businesses a choice of hundreds of devices and apps.

Everynet’s LoRaWan radiofrequency technology is a widely used long-range, low-power solution that aids in the development of low-cost IoT projects around the world.

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