Grab a $25 discount on Etekcity Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch (4-Pack)

Aug 14, 2023, 7:12 AM UTC
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Grab a $25 discount on Etekcity Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch (4-Pack)
(Illustration/GadgetBond, Image credit: Best Buy)

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If you’re all about enhancing your home’s atmosphere and taking control of your lighting game, then you’re in for a treat. Best Buy is currently offering a fantastic deal on the Etekcity Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch (4-Pack) – a cool $25 discount that brings the price down to just $60 (previously $85). This awesome deal is up for grabs, but you’ve got to act fast – it’s only available until today, August 14, 2023.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re thinking about checking out Target or Kohl’s, you can snag the same 4-pack version for a bit more at $80. Still, a sweet deal considering it shaves $5 off the original price.

Imagine being able to set the perfect lighting for your reading nook or movie nights, whether you’re right at home or miles away. This smart dimmer switch lets you do just that. And here’s the cool part – you can create schedules and timers using the free VeSync app. No more fumbling in the dark or wasting energy when you forget to turn off the lights. You can even sync your lights with the natural rhythm of the sun, so they come on when you need them and fade away when it’s time to wind down.

Oh, and did I mention the hands-free magic? Yep, you can connect this smart dimmer switch to your trusty Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Picture this: you walk into a room with your hands full, and with a simple voice command, the lights dance to your tune. Setting it up is a breeze – just install the switch and hook it up to VeSync. And with this 4-pack deal, you’ve got all your bases covered for creating a smart home haven.

Now, let’s hear from some real folks who’ve already jazzed up their spaces with this tech:

“I can’t believe how awesome these switches are! Our new LED lights got a serious upgrade thanks to these dimmer switches. Installing and setting them up was a breeze. Trust me, you’ll want to give these a shot.” – 5/5 stars

“I was a bit hesitant to dive into the Etekcity world, but wow, these dimmers are a game-changer. They work like a charm, and the fact that I can use Alexa with them is a game-changer. The app is pretty user-friendly too. Thinking about getting more for the rest of my house!” – 4/5 stars

“This smart WiFi outlet is my new best friend. It’s like magic – easy to connect and I can use it all over my place. If you’re a millennial, this is a must-have gadget.” – 5/5 stars

“These dimmers are the real deal. Super simple to install, and now I can control my lights even when I’m away from home. Perfect for when I’m on vacation or just heading back after a long day. Five stars, no doubt!” – 5/5 stars

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