Eseye assists users with IoT deployment

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Eseye assists users with IoT deployment

IoT connectivity firm Eseye has launched a global professional services organization to help users with everything from ideation to proof of concept to design, development, and implementation of global IoT at scale.

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Over 27.1 billion IoT devices are estimated to be installed worldwide by 2025. This accelerated growth is in line with the findings of the State of IoT Adoption research conducted by UK firm Eseye in April 2021, which found that 500 decision-makers in the UK and US are committed to increasing IoT investment, with 49% planning new projects in the next two to three years and 89% planning budget increases.

Without an experienced technical staff, however, project costs can swiftly increase into unanticipated dangers, putting the project at risk. Eseye’s architects and technical advisors work with its global professional services group to ensure that any IoT endeavor has the necessary rigour and is delivered to market on time and on budget, allowing users to achieve their intended business objectives via IoT.

Users will be guided through a proven methodology to establish their appropriate IoT strategy to support a development that meets the business’s goals by the professional services team. It should assist businesses in delivering enterprise-scale global IoT that works every time, everywhere, and has the following features:

  • IoT advisory services to help identify risks and implement best practices when embarking on an IoT project.
  • Device design services let users leverage hardware and software expertise to perfect their global IoT strategy.
  • Device onboarding includes behavioral and resilience testing of the device.
  • Device certification to ensure that all devices are certified for industry, regulatory and carrier compliance.

Brian Casto, who has more than 25 years of experience in helping users turn complicated, fragmented wireless and IoT products into appealing services that are built for simplicity and scale, will lead this worldwide division. He was a founding member of Aironet Wireless, an early-stage start-up that created 802.11 WLAN technology and was acquired by Cisco for $800 million in 1993. He created and led a global IoT professional services unit at KORE Wireless, an IoT connection provider, helping to raise the company’s international brand profile.

“Eseye has experienced robust sales growth in 2021, which underlines the acceleration of demand for enterprise-level IoT powered by true global connectivity,” said Casto. “With this heightened demand and predicted growth, we can expect to see many more enterprise-scale IoT projects underway. However, in my experience all too often companies lack the expertise internally to successfully develop and deploy scalable IoT. Often, they don’t have the resources to manage multiple vendor relationships for various components they are deploying, and they don’t understand the complexities associated with these projects. There are security issues, logistics challenges, and the management and coordination of multiple vendors to consider. Our new IoT service offerings are designed to take all that pain away and ensure these challenges are overcome so projects are delivered to the market on time and don’t get derailed or delayed or, worse still, don’t realize the benefits or RoI specified at the outset.”

Vernon Brown, director of professional services development, will assist Casto. Brown will be responsible for the creation, maturation, and growth of new and current professional services for worldwide enterprises. He brings a wealth of IoT implementation skills to Eseye, with a decade of experience in delivering challenging IoT, including seven years at AT&T and two years at KORE Wireless.

Michael Madsen, senior technology lead at Yoco, a South African eCommerce company, used Eseye’s technical advice and connection services to implement an IoT project recently.

“The onboarding process was very thorough and really impressed me,” said Madsen. “Eseye ran through a very exhaustive list of technical checks. This highlighted some issues which we were able to put right before deployment and this gave us a lot of confidence in our security going forward. No other supplier has given us the same degree of technical support as Eseye.”

Eseye saw an increase in enterprise demand for worldwide IoT installations, which has helped to reduce the complexity of large-scale project rollouts. These global professional services boost the company’s managed consultancy services from beginning to end. Eseye has also prioritized collaborating with mobile network operators (MNOs), worldwide system integrators, and technology partners to assist businesses in overcoming project challenges.

“This year Eseye has undertaken numerous strategic activities to position the company for a dynamic future, expanding headcount and investing in our technical expertise,” said Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye. “I am delighted that Brian and Vernon have joined Eseye to spearhead our global professional services. They both have deep experience having built and led high-performing global IoT service functions for a multitude of global companies. With our technical team, we are solving security challenges, guaranteeing reliability, simplifying device design and management, and delivering true global IoT device connectivity – IoT that works – every time, everywhere.”