Ennoconn collaborates with Google to develop IoT services

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Ennoconn collaborates with Google to develop IoT services

Ennoconn Group, a Taiwanese embedded technology company, is cooperating with Google Cloud to develop services for smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart retail, financial services, and media and entertainment, among other things.

Ennoconn is a design manufacturing services (DMS), IT, and system integration firm that focuses on industrial IoT and embedded technology. The collaboration with Google aims to transform Ennoconn’s manufacturing systems as well as develop products, services, and industrial manufacturing methods for its international customer base in core industries.

“We’re driving to become an AIoT cloud-services company and to create new business models around innovation platform convergence,” said Steve Chu, CEO of Ennoconn. “Working with Google Cloud as our strategic partner for innovation, we will leverage its infrastructure, platform, and expertise to advance our existing DMS workflow and develop new cloud-based products and services. By delivering innovative access to content and services in new combinations across multiple platforms, we believe we will disrupt the original design manufacturing (ODM) industry and create value that differentiates us to our partners and customers worldwide.”

The very first part of the collaboration will see Ennoconn migrate its mission-critical sales, marketing, and operations systems from on-premise infrastructure to Google Cloud in order to boost efficiency and save resources. It will also leverage Google Cloud computing, data storage, and analytics to power its digital management production tools, allowing for greater visibility across its design and supply chains, including manufacturing floor assembly, integration, testing, and packaging. This will result in more simplified design schedules for Ennoconn, as well as the potential to offer more predictive designs, support, and manufacturing services to market with more speed and certainty.

Ennoconn will also expand on its present global IoT embedded technology, DMS, IT, and system integration services, as well as advance its enterprise-wide digitalization-as-a-service (DaaS) strategy to supply Google Cloud-connected Ennoconn manufacturing products and services.

Ennoconn is creating information and operational technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G-enabled services for its partners and clients. Working with Google Cloud will provide it with the extra capability of digitally monitoring, maintaining, and controlling manufacturing equipment and processes on behalf of partners and customers. As a design-build manufacturer, it will also enable the company to harness the value of component data and optimize its facilities and workflows in real-time.

This integration and suite of services also imply that Ennoconn’s customers will be able to leverage Google Cloud’s secure and scalable cloud infrastructure to deploy cloud-native support flexibly across their choice of on-premise, hybrid cloud, or as-a-service models, modernizing their own operations.

Finally, Ennoconn and Google Cloud have struck an agreement to partner in several areas to power collaboration and communication across Ennoconn’s main industries.

Ennoconn intends to create and resell Glass Enterprise Edition 2, Google’s wearable computer for hands-free industrial work, as well as the Google Meets cloud-based enterprise video communications and collaboration platform. Ennoconn also plans to develop Google Meet-compliant hardware and related goods to serve its diverse customer base.

“Staying ahead in today’s hyper-competitive and globalized manufacturing industry requires leveraging best-in-class technologies to deliver value-added services,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “We’re thrilled to partner with Ennoconn to accelerate its digitalization-as-a-service strategy, and to explore new services that have the potential to transform the design and manufacturing supply chain.”

Ennoconn’s DaaS strategy integrates and delivers manufacturing systems with emerging technology that addresses the demands in cloud data storage, machine learning, AIoT, 5G, and cloud IoT integration with a strategy that spans all internal design, manufacturing, and supply chain platforms and disciplines.

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