Elon Musk unveils bold rebranding plan for Twitter, introducing ‘X’ as the new face of the platform

Jul 24, 2023, 8:13 AM UTC
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Elon Musk unveils bold rebranding plan for Twitter, introducing 'X' as the new face of the platform
(Image credit: Twitter/X Corp.)

Tech billionaire Elon Musk today announced a radical rebranding of Twitter, revealing that the platform’s name will be changed to ‘X’, accompanied by a fresh logo to replace the iconic blue bird. This announcement comes as the latest in a series of transformations since Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in the previous year.

The visionary CEO hinted at significant changes to the platform early Sunday morning, teasing a new logo that would be a simple letter ‘X’, signaling a complete rebranding strategy for the entire platform. Speculation and debate ensued across the internet as users and followers wondered about the reasoning behind this bold move. Musk confirmed the authenticity of his intentions when he revealed that the URL redirect from to was already in place, cementing the name change’s immediacy.

Twitter users flooded Musk’s replies with design suggestions for the new logo and amusing queries about the future terminology for tweeting. Many comically suggested terms like ‘X-post’ and ‘Xost’ to replace the now-familiar ‘tweet’, prompting Musk to engage playfully with the online community, asking for suggestions on what to call the act of posting on the revamped platform. Responses included ‘Xweeting’ and ‘Xpressing’, demonstrating the community’s creativity and enthusiasm.

Throughout the day, Musk continued to provide insights into the rebranding process, sharing stylized images of the letter ‘X’ and encouraging designers to follow an Art Deco style for inspiration. Eventually, he showcased a video of an animated ‘X’ overtaking the traditional bird logo, adding to the anticipation surrounding the imminent change.

The current logo, Larry the Bird, has been synonymous with Twitter since its inception in 2006. Still, Musk’s ambitious plans for Twitter’s future have prompted this audacious transformation. While it remains uncertain which design will become the final emblem for the company, one thing is clear – Musk’s visionary approach has set the stage for a new era for the social media giant.

This rebranding comes on the heels of Musk’s latest venture, xAI, an artificial intelligence startup that promises to revolutionize the AI landscape. With Musk now leading the charge at xAI, the startup aims to provide a cutting-edge alternative to ChatGPT and develop a ‘maximally curious’ AI system. Musk’s commitment to AI safety is evident, as he envisions an AI that seeks to understand the universe, placing humanity at the forefront of its pursuits.

Since Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the platform has witnessed a series of significant changes. Critics have accused him of downsizing the workforce drastically, and earlier this year, the decision to monetize the ‘verified’ blue check status raised eyebrows. Moreover, the recent launch of Meta-owned Threads has added to the competition in the short-form posting market, leading to Twitter threatening legal action over alleged stolen trade secrets.

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