Eddy Cue reveals why Apple said ‘yes’ to MLS streaming

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Eddy Cue reveals why Apple said 'yes' to MLS streaming
(Photo by Mark Lennihan)

In a remarkable interview with CNBC, Eddy Cue, the Senior Vice President of Services at Apple, shed light on the company’s philosophy of selectively saying “no” and how it played a crucial role in their decision to partner with Major League Soccer (MLS). While Apple has undergone significant growth since the passing of its visionary leader Steve Jobs, the underlying principle of discernment remains deeply ingrained within the company’s DNA.

Cue began by emphasizing Apple’s propensity to decline numerous opportunities, asserting that they “say ‘no’ to almost everything.” He recognized that the temptation to pursue every avenue becomes more prominent as a company expands, but he emphasized the fallacy of believing that one can do everything. Apple’s unwavering commitment to focusing on areas in which they excel has been pivotal to their success.

Elaborating on the factors that lead to a rare “yes,” Cue highlighted two fundamental considerations. First and foremost, the endeavor must align with Apple’s strengths and core competencies. By capitalizing on their areas of expertise, Apple ensures a higher probability of delivering a seamless and exceptional user experience. The second criterion revolves around recognizing and addressing the genuine needs and desires of consumers. Apple aims to provide services that are highly valued and resonate deeply with its user base.

Cue invoked the iconic quote from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, emphasizing the importance of pursuing the future rather than fixating on the present. Apple, in this context, perceives sports streaming as the next frontier, where consumer demand and technological advancements converge. By forging a 10-year partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS) and securing the rights to stream Friday Night Baseball for MLB, Apple has made its initial foray into the world of sports broadcasting.

Cue’s remarks highlight the enduring influence of Steve Jobs, who once emphasized that the ability to decline opportunities is integral to fostering good design and engineering. Despite Jobs’ absence, Apple’s resolute commitment to saying “no” remains a guiding principle within the company.

With the MLS deal in place, Apple has signaled its intent to expand further into the realm of sports streaming. As the company continues to refine its offerings, the addition of features such as multiview streaming enhances the user experience, enabling fans to personalize their viewing preferences.