Get Echo Dot 3rd Gen + Wipro 9W LED Smart Color Bulb combo Today At Just ₹2699, Here’s How

We also have a special discount code for Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen + Wipro 9W LED Smart Color Bulb combo

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Get Echo Dot 3rd Gen + Wipro 9W LED Smart Color Bulb combo Today At Just ₹2699, Here’s How
Image: Amazon.in

With a special discount code from Amazon.in, customers in India can purchase an Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen + Wipro 9W LED Smart Color Bulb combo with Alexa voice assistant support for only ₹2699, down from ₹6,598. As you can see in the screenshot below, Amazon’s promo code: DOT2699 will get you this for just ₹2699 for a limited time.

To receive these perks, head to Amazon.in and purchase the Echo Dot 3rd Gen + Wipro 9W LED Smart Color Bulb combo, then use the promo code: DOT2699 at checkout to complete your order.

Get Echo Dot 3rd Gen + Wipro 9W LED Smart Color Bulb combo Today At Just ₹2699, Here’s How — GadgetBond

If you want an Echo Dot 4th Gen with the same Wipro 9W LED Smart Bulb, you could get one from Amazon.in for just ₹4699 (down from ₹7,598) for a limited time when you use Amazon’s promo code: DOT4699 at checkout. The Echo Dot 4th Gen is available in Blue and White color options (Note: the White color option doesn’t include 9W Wipro Smart Bulb).

Enjoy the magic of controlling your lights with just your voice with Alexa voice assistant or remotely through an App with this combination of Echo Dot 3rd Gen and Wipro 9W smart color bulb. You may also configure smart routines, such as dimming it at 10 p.m. or turning it on at 7 p.m. There is no need for an additional hub or setup because Wi-Fi is all that is needed.

The Echo Dot 3rd Gen is Amazon‘s best-selling smart speaker that you can control with your voice, even from afar. Alexa can communicate in both English and Hindi, and new functions are automatically added.

Making your home smart and using Alexa voice to control lighting is simple. Using smart plugs, extend this experience to other devices such as air conditioners, televisions, and geysers.

Enjoy unlimited illumination possibilities with the Wipro 9W smart bulb’s 16mn color options to create the perfect setting for parties, festivals, or simply a movie night. You may cut more energy with the Wipro 9W smart bulb by adjusting the brightness of the lights from 10% to 100% depending on your needs.

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The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as Amazon Alexa, so it can turn almost any wired speaker system into a wireless, voice-controlled device.

For streaming and Alexa functioning at lower volumes, you can use the integrated 1.57″ speaker, which can deliver up to 1.2W. The Echo Dot 3rd Gen uses Alexa to access Internet-based functions including Amazon and other online shopping, weather forecasts, sports scores, and more.

On the Echo Dot 3rd Gen, use voice control to listen to music from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and other services. Among other things, Alexa can play music, answer questions, read news, check the weather, set alarms, and control linked smart home devices.

You can use voice control to turn on lights, set thermostats, lock doors, and more with compatible connected devices. Friends and family can call you using the Alexa app or an Echo device. You can check in on other rooms in your house or make an announcement to all of them using a connected Echo device.

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