Duolingo plans to make learning music easy and fun with new app

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Duolingo plans to make learning music easy and fun with new app
(Image Credit: Duolingo)

Duolingo, the popular language learning app, has set its sights on another educational endeavor: music. While the company is primarily known for its language learning platform, it has been expanding into other subjects in recent years. According to a recent job posting discovered by TechCrunch, Duolingo is currently in the process of building an app that teaches music.

The job ad is seeking an “expert in music education who combines both theoretical knowledge of relevant learning science research and hands-on teaching experience.” This individual will be tasked with ensuring that the app is firmly grounded in learning science, translating research findings into actionable ideas, and developing the curriculum. These responsibilities suggest that the app is still in its early stages.

The move into music education is a logical one for Duolingo, as music is often referred to as a universal language. Moreover, many language learners find that studying music can enhance their language skills. By offering a music learning app, Duolingo is expanding its educational offerings while also potentially creating a complementary product to its language learning platform.

Duolingo’s success in the language learning market is well-established, with over 500 million downloads worldwide. The company has achieved this success by utilizing gamification techniques and creating a platform that is both accessible and engaging. It remains to be seen how the company will approach the development of its music learning app, but it’s safe to assume that it will apply the same principles that have made its language-learning platform so popular.

As for what the music learning app will look like, it’s still too early to say. Duolingo has not yet released any details about the app’s features or release date. However, given the company’s reputation for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences, it’s safe to assume that the music learning app will be no different.