Disney Plus and Hulu subscriptions are getting pricier

Aug 10, 2023, 9:52 AM UTC
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Disney Plus and Hulu subscriptions are getting pricier
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Disney is once again revising its subscription pricing strategy for its popular streaming platforms, Disney Plus and Hulu. The announcement comes as the streaming landscape continues to evolve, with competition intensifying and content libraries expanding. This fall, starting October 12th, subscribers will see an increase in the cost of ad-free subscriptions for both services. Simultaneously, a new bundled plan is set to make its debut, offering a combined ad-free experience for Disney Plus and Hulu.

Effective October 12th, Disney Plus subscribers seeking an ad-free experience will have to shell out $13.99 per month, marking a significant increase from the previous price point. Similarly, Hulu’s ad-free tier will see a jump to $17.99 per month, providing a premium viewing experience without interruptions. Notably, the ad-supported tiers of both services will maintain their current pricing of $7.99 per month, offering a budget-friendly option for users willing to tolerate occasional commercial breaks.

Disney Plus and Hulu subscriptions are getting pricier

To potentially soften the blow for subscribers faced with rising costs, Disney is introducing a new subscription plan that bundles ad-free access to both Disney Plus and Hulu. Priced at $19.99 per month, this combo subscription is set to launch on September 6th. This move is aimed at accommodating subscribers who enjoy content across both platforms, offering a cost-effective solution compared to subscribing to both services separately.

The subscription cost hikes for standalone services are substantial when considering recent history. Merely a year ago, Disney raised the price of Disney Plus to $10.99 per month and the ad-free version of Hulu to $14.99 per month. This places Disney Plus’ ad-free tier at a price point higher than Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max service, which is priced at $15.99 per month.

Disney’s streaming portfolio, once a nascent contender in the world of online entertainment, has now grown to encompass an array of options and tiers. To simplify this growing complexity, the company has released a comprehensive table outlining the various plans, including the upcoming “Duo Premium” offering. However, it’s worth noting that the “Duo Basic” alternative comes at a more affordable cost, but necessitates tolerating ads during streaming sessions. Additionally, the absence of annual upfront payment options suggests a potential for further price fluctuations in the near future.

In an era of interconnectedness, geographical boundaries are becoming increasingly irrelevant in the streaming industry. Disney has unveiled its intention to expand the availability of the ad-supported tier of Disney Plus to select markets in Europe and Canada, beginning November 1st. Simultaneously, the company is taking a tougher stance on password sharing between its services, aiming to ensure that users are accessing content in accordance with their subscriptions.

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