Clubhouse – The Biggest Trend That’s Setting New Opportunity in The Social Audio Industry

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Clubhouse – The Biggest Trend That's Setting New Opportunity in The Social Audio Industry

The big thing that is making noise in the social media space is “Clubhouse.” The app has created a whole new image in the digital marketplace. You can see that Clubhouse has become a huge talking point among entrepreneurs or new startups. Everyone wants to know about the unique idea that works behind such an app.

What actually makes Clubhouse completely unique and unreplicable? This exclusive audio chat app is highly used by high-profile individuals and is already valued at $1 billion in the social audio industry, catching so much attention worldwide.

What Actually Clubhouse Is?

What is the Working of Clubhouse?

How can Businesses take advantage of Apps like Clubhouse?

If you are looking for answers to all the above questions, then this post is only for you. We will help you know the complete picture of the Clubhouse, its features, and whether the idea of building such apps is good or not.


Defining Clubhouse

It is a social audio app that allows people around the world to talk with each other in real-time. Available on both iOS and Android, the app is a generous place to make new friends and keep up with the old ones. Based on audio chat, the Clubhouse Clone app allows users to engage in conversations, interviews, and discussions with interesting people.

On joining the app, users can select topics of their interest. All in all, the app is all about live conversation, not based on static content. As this audio-based social media platform is gaining attention from millions of users globally, it is the right time for entrepreneurs to consider investing in building such an app with all the latest features.

End-to-End Working on Social Media App Like Clubhouse

As you know, Clubhouse is an audio chat social media platform where people can virtually meet up by creating a room to host, listen to, and in some cases, they can join conversations within the app’s community. If you already have an account on Clubhouse and have an invitation from a member, you can join chat rooms to start communication.


Each chat room in the Clubhouse is designed to share pictures and videos. A chat room created on the Clubhouse app is for everyone ranging from moderators, speakers, and listeners. If the chat room has control over who gives the speaking privileges, the moderators allow listeners to raise their hands in the chat if they are interested in speaking.

  • Users can access the app by an invite. There is also the possibility to get added to the app by someone who already uses the app.
  • Once users start accessing the app, they are further asked to enter the details like their real name, setting up a profile, and choosing people as per their interests.
  • The main feed includes both current and upcoming chats to engage the user.

An app like Clubhouse is designed for consumers who are tired of contacting via videos and looking for online voice-only service. As we all know, social media sites offer plenty of opportunities. So, let’s take a look at the top reasons why Clubhouse-like apps and Discord clone apps are becoming the inspirations for entrepreneurs to thrive in the fastest growing social audio industry.


Valuable Insights

Clubhouse and other social media sharing apps offer a lot of information about customer interests and aspirations. Businesses can step forward to build social media apps to gather valuable information from the most vital areas.

Booming Traffic

SEO activities play a significant role in driving more traffic to the website and help improve the ranking. By sharing posts on social media accounts, you can create strong ties. This further makes one invest in building social networking sites. And by doing so, enterprises will be able to capture the higher traffic.

Wide Business Reach

Since social media platforms have a larger user base, businesses can benefit from a comprehensive market scope and a larger potential user base.


Building Audio-Only Social Media Platform Like Clubhouse In A Few Steps!

So, you also have an idea of building social media platforms like Clubhouse. Great! You’ve landed at the right place. You are a few steps away from bringing your idea of social media apps like Clubhouse to life.

Conduct Detailed Market Research

To transform your unique idea of a mobile app like Clubhouse, the very first thing you need to do is detailed market research. Several social media apps are already available on the app store.

You can start by analyzing each of them, their features, and their services to users. Compare what they are offering and consider the same to integrate into your solution to keep you ahead in the competition.

Identify Your Target Audience

The success of an app depends upon how better you understand the target audience. And for a better understanding of your target audience, you need to have some essential information in a place like demographics, preferences, and much more.

You can gather all this information from analytics. Understanding your target audience and their needs make the development process easier and help you get the final product that fits the market well.


Focus On Building User-friendly App Design

When it comes to building a Clubhouse-like app, the intuitive design plays a vital role in engaging the users. To retain the users with your mobile app, you have to understand their expectations and what they actually want in their mobile app. So developing a mobile app with proper visual appearance, features, and functions help you engage the audience.

Hire a Dedicated Team of Developers

Once you have finished with your mobile app’s final UI/UX design, take your next step to hire the most skilled and expert developers for your mobile app. Hiring developers to develop an app is highly dependent upon your project’s budget.

If you have a low budget, you can consider hiring remote developers or freelance developers. On the other side, if your budget is good, you can have a top-rated app development company available locally.


How Much You Need in Your Pocket to Develop an App Like Clubhouse

Several factors help you determine the cost of apps like Clubhouse. Have a look at the most common factors like:

  • The app designs
  • The Feature-set
  • The Location of the agency
  • The size of the team

It is highly recommended that entrepreneurs create a feature list for their mobile apps. And based on that, they can further discuss the technological aspects. This will definitely help in estimating the overall app development cost.

Team Size You Need to Develop an App Like Clubhouse

You definitely need an experienced development team to develop an amazing social media app like Clubhouse. The development team must include a project manager, 2 iOS developers, 1 UI/UX designer, 2 Android developers, one backend developer, and 2 Q&A specialists.



The rising popularity of the Clubhouse app in the social audio industry brings an opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in a similar app idea and launch their own product. So, if you say the best time to start for this, then it is now. With a bright idea, a focused strategy, and a reliable technology partner, you can get on the road to find relevant conversions, engage the audience, and much more.