Chinese EV maker NIO suspends production due to COVID-19 outbreak in China

Apr 10, 2022, 2:28 PM EDT
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Chinese EV maker Nio suspends production due to COVID-19 outbreak in China
NIO ET7 Electric Sedan (Courtesy: NIO)

NIO, a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) firm, announced on Saturday that it has halted manufacturing after the country’s response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak interrupted operations at its suppliers.

“Since March, due to reasons to do with the epidemic, the company’s supplier partners in several places including Jilin, Shanghai and Jiangsu suspended production one after the other and have yet to recover,” the company said on its mobile app. “Due to the impact of this NIO has had to halt car production.”

The company will delay EV deliveries to customers and will work with suppliers to resume delivery while following the government’s COVID-19 regulations, the company added.

China has implemented strict lockdown measures in various places, notably Jilin province and Shanghai, where key auto parts and automotive manufacturers are located, in order to contain the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant.

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