Twitter alternative Bluesky now available for Android users

But you still need an invitation code to use it.
Apr 20, 2023, 10:06 AM UTC
2 mins read
Twitter clone Bluesky arrives on Android by invitation only
(Image Credit: Bluesky)

Bluesky, a decentralized social media platform created as an alternative to Twitter, has made its way onto Android devices by invitation only. According to The Verge, the app has a variety of Twitter-like features such as the ability to search and follow other users, post photos, and more. However, it is currently in beta and has a limited number of users, reportedly around 25,000, and lacks features such as direct messages.

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The idea for Bluesky was first introduced in 2019 as a Twitter-backed project to establish a new decentralized standard for social media platforms. However, it officially separated from Twitter in 2021 and has since joined the growing number of alternative social media platforms such as Mastodon that have gained popularity after Elon Musk‘s takeover of Twitter.

Bluesky’s main goal is to give users control over how they consume social media. “For developers, an open marketplace of algorithms will provide the freedom to experiment with and publish algorithms that anyone can use,” said CEO Jay Graber in a recent blog post. “For users, the ability to customize their feed will give them back control of their most valuable resource: their attention.”

However, Graber has also emphasized the importance of moderation in ensuring user safety on the platform. “We wanted to prioritize user safety from the start,” he wrote in his blog post. To achieve this, Bluesky plans to use a combination of automated filtering and server-level moderation controlled by administrators. Additionally, users will have the option to subscribe to additional sets of moderation labels to filter out more content or accounts.

The decentralized nature of Bluesky means that it operates on a peer-to-peer network rather than relying on a central authority. This allows for greater privacy and security, as well as the ability for users to take ownership of their data.

While still in beta, Bluesky has already gained a following and has the potential to become a viable alternative to traditional social media platforms. With its emphasis on user control and decentralization, it offers a unique approach to social media that is increasingly relevant in today’s landscape. However, it remains to be seen how the platform will evolve and whether it will be able to address the challenges of moderation and scalability as it grows in popularity.

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