Bluehost’s new AI-powered WonderSuite simplifies WordPress website building

Jul 13, 2023, 5:58 PM UTC
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Bluehost's new AI-powered WonderSuite simplifies WordPress website building
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Bluehost, a leading web hosting service known for its specialization in WordPress hosting, has introduced an innovative WordPress site-building package infused with artificial intelligence (AI). The newly launched package, called WonderSuite, aims to revolutionize the website creation process by serving as a digital co-pilot, enabling users to effortlessly build websites at a rapid pace.

In an official news release, Ed Jay, President of Newfold Digital, Bluehost’s parent company, highlighted the objective of WonderSuite, stating, “With WonderSuite, we eliminate the complexities associated with building a website or online store using WordPress…so that our customers can promptly publish their sites and achieve success for their businesses.”

The comprehensive WonderSuite comprises six powerful tools, some of which are currently available, while others are slated for future release. Presently, users can leverage WonderStart and WonderHelp, with WonderAssist slated to join the suite later this year.

WonderStart is a user-friendly and personalized onboarding tool that employs an interactive question-and-answer approach. By integrating the responses provided by users into various aspects of the site-building process, WonderStart streamlines the entire experience. For instance, if users enter their social media handles within WonderStart, the tool will automatically optimize the site for search engines (SEO) and add relevant social media buttons.

On the other hand, WonderHelp functions as an AI-powered, actionable guide that offers step-by-step assistance throughout the site-building journey. Users can rely on this tool to find answers to queries like “How to create a blog in WordPress?” and receive comprehensive tutorials tailored to their specific needs.

While WonderAssist is yet to be released, Bluehost has revealed that it will be an AI-driven content generator capable of providing customers with product descriptions and SEO-friendly excerpts, empowering them to enhance their website content effortlessly.

The WonderSuite package also encompasses other valuable components. WonderTheme, a versatile WordPress theme, caters to various website purposes, offering flexibility and aesthetic appeal. WonderBlocks, a library of block patterns and page templates, allows users to design visually captivating websites effortlessly. Lastly, WonderCart, an e-commerce feature, is specifically designed to boost online sales, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

The process of creating a website can often be overwhelming, especially for individuals lacking confidence in their digital skills. Although web hosting services typically provide knowledge bases and customer support channels, obtaining quick and accurate answers to site-building inquiries can still prove challenging.

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In this regard, Bluehost’s WonderSuite emerges as a game-changer, offering accessibility and user-friendly troubleshooting options. It caters to novices or those unfamiliar with WordPress, allowing them to embark on their website creation journey with confidence.

Nevertheless, there are valid concerns surrounding the future implications of WonderAssist, particularly regarding its compatibility with Google Search. In 2022, Danny Sullivan, Google’s public search liaison, tweeted about content generated by AI, emphasizing that content primarily created for search engine optimization rather than human readership posed a concern.

The impact of WonderAssist on Google Search remains uncertain, as it is yet to be determined whether it complies with Google’s guidelines and avoids potential issues related to AI-generated content. Future developments and interactions between WonderAssist and Google Search algorithms will shed light on the matter.

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