The best deals on Sennheiser’s audiophile headphones

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The best deals on Sennheiser's audiophile headphones
Featuring Sennheiser HD 650 (Image Credit: Sennheiser)

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Sennheiser, one of the world’s most respected audio equipment manufacturers, is currently offering huge discounts on its audiophile headphones. The deals are available until April 22nd, 2023, with savings of up to $200 on select products.

The discounts include the IE 900, the company’s in-ear monitor designed to provide unparalleled performance and comfort, available now for $1,299.95, a saving of $200. The IE 600 is another great option, with a discount of $100, bringing the price down to $699.95.

For over-ear options, the HD 600 is available for $349.95, a $100 discount. The HD 820 and HD 800 S both have $200 discounts, bringing the prices down to $1,799.95 and $1,599.95, respectively. Lastly, the HD 650 has a $150 discount, available now for $399.95.

The Sennheiser IE 900 is designed for listening to music in any environment, with a single-driver response that delivers a flawless, uncolored performance from 5Hz to 48kHz. From resonant chambers to accompanying eartips, Sennheiser has left no stone unturned in designing this product.

The IE 600, built on Sennheiser’s groundbreaking TrueResponse technology, offers an extra-wide frequency response from 4Hz to 46.5kHz, delivering an exquisitely neutral acoustic voicing with a powerful, fast, and accurate low-end response.

The HD 600, on the other hand, utilizes two-layer diaphragm technology to reduce surface-born resonance and provide deeper bass without the loss of definition. It’s an ideal choice for professional recording engineers who want an uncolored and spatially accurate rendition of program material, particularly classical music.

The HD 820, a closed-back stereo over-ear headphone, delivers detailed and accurate audio reproduction for audiophiles, mixing and mastering engineers, and music aficionados. With up to 26dB of passive noise cancellation and concave glass covers that reduce resonance by reflecting sound to a dedicated absorber, these headphones are perfect for use in studios, listening rooms, and on the go.

The HD 800 S, an update on the well-regarded HD 800, comprises a pair of open-back headphones designed for use in studio situations, particularly when referencing between monitors and cans. With its proprietary sound absorber technology, it preserves the integrity of the highest of high ends by eliminating the “masking effect,” every nuance of the frequency spectrum is represented and made audible.

Lastly, the HD 650 is designed to deliver a true audiophile experience with an open, natural sound, with specially developed acoustic silk used to provide uniform attenuation over the entire area of each ear cup. The lightweight aluminum voice coils ensure a remarkable transient response, while the full-range drivers offer a frequency response of 10Hz to 39.5kHz.