Back to School Sale: Save $25 on Amazon Halo Band

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Back to School Sale: Save $25 on Amazon Halo Band

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During the Back to School promotion, Amazon discounts $25 on the Amazon Halo Band which you can get at just $74.99 reduced from the original price of $99.99 as well as a Free 6-month trial of Halo membership. If you are looking for tracking your fitness, health, and sleep, then Amazon Halo Band is the best choice you have, because it’s not just a band it’s more than that.

Amazon Halo Band helps you give wearers access to Amazon Halo, Amazon’s health and wellness membership, and new health and wellness insights access. The affordable Amazon Halo Band offers health and fitness tracking so you can track each step, and monitor heart rate, and sleep.

With Amazon Halo Band you can monitor your body composition and fat percentage which is a more accurate measure of health than BMI. Also, membership allows you to monitor some things like sleep stages, and sleep temperature, and provide overall sleep scores. So what are waiting for, just save $25 on Amazon Halo Band on Amazon.com.